Thursday, July 12, 2007

paris writes

John," From Paris Hilton John ? Gordon does he want me in the film ? Let me backtrack into an idea lol ;; I've been successful at every last thing I've done since that time (except personal relationships, but I think I now understand why I do that to myself, too...another time for that discussoin, though, especially as I have left that behind me now). WHY have I been successful? Because every time I walked into an interview, or tried to do/accomplish something, I did it from that same mindset...and there was a principle at play here -- act like you already are. Step into the role...and it becomes yours. Believe. Faith in the mystery. Simple analogy here. Someone doesn't need to understand WHY flipping the switch makes the light go on...they just need to believe they should flip the switch, to take advantage of the technology. John, the believing...It has NEVER failed. I believe in this principle, completely, totally. I also believe that reality is, for lack of a better way to verbalize it, largely under our control. That we script our own lives to a very large degree. People get caught up in their dramas, and forget that at any moment, we can completely walk, totally flip the script. But it is ever there. It is a powerful thing to know, and I've done it, seen others do it. Many best-selling self-help books are based on it, too. Think and Grow Rich, for instance. goes. I want a partner ---someone who is willing to toy with reality with me..someone to help me write a script, and see what happens. With complete intent. Far more so than what I played with over the years. Thing is, if you don't believe in the script with every last atom of your being, it won't work. It will automatically fail. What script? Anything we want, and I am pretty much open to trying ANY, as long as it doesn't hurt, demean, or psychologically harm my kids, myself, or you if you find this idea intriguing enough to try. The script can be anything...we can work together, scripting a project as large or small as we like, and make it a reality. In an area totally expected, or so far out there it is unbelievable. It can be a unique friendship with magical qualities (believe the magic is there, and it will be). It can be an exploration of hard core scientific 'facts' that we seek to either support or undo, or it can be an exploration of the paranormal. Psychological explorations. ANYTHING, the only limits being our imagination. I know the examples I set herein aren't revealing the deep power of this...and that perhaps I framed this in a way that is missing the passion that is possible in something like this..I am not talking of mundane things. I'm talking we write a script, agree it is going to be a reality, and make it happen. This is not like writing a business proposal (though I believe that that is WHY business proposals become reality...someone has set a path to making something concrete...I believe reality is about focus, and a business plan creates focus). I am talking about AGREEING TO A SCRIPT AND THEN CHANGING OUR PARADIGM IMMEDIATELY TO EMBRACE IT. Oh, I KNOW I'm not getting it right in here. I cannot put it into words tonight...why? Because it is so exciting to me that I can feel every atom of my being jumping about at the possibility. I'm talking it can be ANYTHING. Walk through walls? Why not? And if we can do things with machines...hmmm...maybe you will think this nuts, but I'll try it on for size, learn a bit about you. I know I risk losing your respect here, perhaps. but so be it, truth and honesty come first. You can build a machine that can do unusual things...for instance, levitation. But see...ok, Bach put it best in illusions (I'm going to paraphrase, it has been forever since I read it). He wanted to fly --without a plane. Figures that planes took so long to be invented because noone believed they could be. Once someone believed, bam, it was made into reality. HOwever, the person(s) imagining flight were imagining it with machines. If you believe you can fly without a machine, it is merely a matter of experimenting until you find the right way...same thing they did when experimenting with machines that could fly. In other words, once you believe it is possible, you apply yourself to discovering the principles. For instance, you can make things levitate with the aid of a machine. Well, what if you shift the paradigm and believe you can make things levitate WITHOUT a machine. What if you modify the definition of machine to include YOUR BRAIN OR BODY CHEMISTRY as a machine...could you then begin to reframe it all, with looking to levitate with the aid of a new machine, your brain? Or with the electrical impulses in your body? From there you can start to examine your biology, in relation to the chemical makeup of the world around you. Are there ways in which they interact that can be manipulated, without a machine, but with some approach akin to biofeedback (ah, not exactly, but I am trying to NOT write an entire book to you tonight, lol...are you getting the idea? Is this totally insane? ).

I have talked this over with the other PERSON on many occasions. At one point, when we were both already in a relationship, we were discussing WHY arranged marriages seem to turn out so well (the studies on this are astounding). Yes, there is something to the fact that perhaps the parents are choosing well, based on compatability factors, and matching up socio-economic levels, etc. BUT, what if it were not because of that, but because of the paradigm. You are entering into a relationship based upon the premise that it is going to work. You walk down that aisle, perhaps seeing your husband for the first time, and you go home, and you make it work. That is all. No questions asked. This is reality . You are married, and it is going to work. We used to toy with the idea (we were both pretty unhappy in the relationships we were in at the time, lol). What if we had found a like-minded soul, someone we could trust inherently, know competely, and sat down and wrote a script? There is a song by Jewel called Painters. She tells of a couple who made their love an art to live by...created blueprints for their love. This song sort of captures a bit of this agree to do something, and manifest it. SEE???? This principle can be applied to ANYTHING. (I'm going to attach the lyrics to the song below, it is such a cool thing,l think).

I believe the love story of authors Henry Miller and Anais Nin is one of the greatest in history (not the greatest, but definitely ONE of the greatest). I have a sneaking suspicion that they did something similar to this. Their's was bittersweet, they didn't wind up together in the end. But I think they WANTED it that way...for they were writers, and they appreciated the tragic beauty of such a story, the poignancy. And each had their own life, their own love, their own interests. They created Miller and Nin, greatest love story of their time..with intent. More for the poetry, than pehaps for what was there.

So see, it can be applied to anything. Let us build a flying machine never before seen, or a board game wherein the pawns electronically communicate with the board, and assess different situations, let us walk through a wall, or communicate with another dimension, or get to know an entity personally, as in very well, or open a museum just for kids unlike any that has ever before been seen, that blows away all science museums ever before imaginarium that pushes the limits; let us create a sci-fi story (fact or fiction, perhaps a combination of both) that pushes the limits; let us create our own frankenstein; let us convince authorities to let us camp out in the sphinx for a you see what I'm saying? Let us begin a great game...let us break all rules, let us warp and distort reality, make our own stories, rescript life. lol, I guess I'm asking you to join me in an adventure, but not the kind people typically explore. When time allows after this jail MESS LOL OK??????

I THINK what I'm proposing is that we become 'partners in crime' (lol, though I'm not talking crime per se, because I want permissions where permissions aren't granted -- oh, and btw, my friends and I , back then, would create little challenges, like 'breaking a minor law, right in front of a police officer, and getting him to laugh about it wiht you' - or getting the police and fire department who show up to close down your party to instead come join it when they are off duty, Well I think this jail time lol """""Was not fun """Or to get the 80 y/o senator to come to the nightclub and dance on the speakers with you; to get John Updike to play telephone at the dinner table with you...we did all these things - oh, and to go out for an evening, and pretend you are named ginger and maryann, and go the whole night telling people your life story as if you really WERE stranded on an island, and to do it so in such a way that they believed you, and never caught on that you were taking it straight from the script of gilligan's island). But I want to take it to new levels...with no limits.

ANYTHING JOHN!!! And what I'm asking here is a simple experiment. Let us get creative, let our imaginations run wild, and try it out...something intriguing, unusual, out there. Just between one else has to know. We can start oh-so-small. We don't even have to meet to do it, even. I'm saying, let us be reality weavers, cloudbusters, whatever..but with intent, and with the complete commitment to the idea that we are not limited WHATSOEVER by laws of physics/nature/culture...

I'm not saying be totally mad in this...or dangerous even. (oh, but the idea itself seems so you know what I mean when I say ideas can be dangerous? Not to others so much as idea can shake us to the core of our being...can change our entire world, leave us unsettled to the end of our days...!). I'm just saying...let us script something crazy, and make it reality.

Sort of like Dungeons and Dragons, but different, lol. And real. If you think about it, where really IS the difference between fantasy and reality? You may be sitting there on your sofa, someone who has never traveled more than 50 miles from their home. You see a show that gets you thinking...I want to see Paris! Something inside you shifts, you believe now that you will see Paris. Next thing you know, you are saving money. Looking into fares. Taking time off from work. Booking your flight. Departing on that flight.

What if you were sitting on your sofa, and instead of deciding you want to go to Japan lets say you decide you want to walk through walls? And something shifts inside you, you now believe that you WILL walk through walls. Well...the only thing that TRULY makes this more difficult to do than Japan is that no one has left you a blueprint...see, you know, be it from friends, or TV, or reading, or from experience, what planning a trip will involve. Well, planning to walk through walls, we don't have good information on how to do that, and we haven't seen it being done for real. We've seen others decide to go to Japan and make it happen, so it is TANGIBLE to us. WEll...those who first built flying machines were in the same position as the fella sitting on the couch deciding to walk through walls... no prior examples of success, no blueprints.

YOU of all people should get this. You have been an explorer, a discoverer, a detective. What I'm proposing here is we pick ANYTHING. only imagination limits us. And we do it. More intentionally. And we document it. ANd if it is intriguing, we spoon feed the concept to the rest of the world. Give others a little magic to believe in. Open a few minds. Let others see that life is endless possibility. is. But people get trapped, and it is all illusion, it is only their own minds, their own imaginations that hold them back.

OK, I can't fully explain what I'm proposing here. I'm just saying...take this little bit that I put forth here, and let us god-children, children who have the ability to weave worlds...because isn't that all ANY of us do when we write the script that is our life? Because let us be honest here, we DO write our scripts. OK, one can argue that the juvenile factors aren't written by us...even if we don't touch that one...who we are today is determined by us, by each choice we make along the way...oh, I hope I haven't lost you here. I'm sleepy, and not getting this down as lucidly, as eloquently as I'd like.

I approach you with this (and Laura and I have always been, till now, too afraid to share the idea with anyone else, because we didn't think anyone else would get it...) because you are the explorer that you are, you have a solid education in both science and the paranormal, a tremendous imagination, and I have connected with you on a deep level that I think indicates (I could be all things...that is my caveat) you have wha t it takes, and that we have enough in common on the levels where it is important, to make this happen. you want to try this little game? Write the script with me...whatever it may be. You can throw the subjects out there, I'm open to exploring pretty much any idea...again, if I am not comfortable with something, I will simply tell you it.

Think on this. The possibilities are endless. I guess what I"m saying is this: Let's explore the potential to STOP EVERYTHING and take as full a control of our destiny (in one small area at least) as we can. The examined life. The chosen life. The life uncommon.

Doing this with a partner is, as Laura and I discussed, what will make it more real....someone to collaborate with.

And yes, she and I did play with this a little bit. And on minor levels we have made it happen. Thing is, she and I have very different lives right now, as she has toddlers to raise, an out-of-work husband, and a huge law career that she is tryingt o juggle. Time to commit to changing any of that is what she lacks (ironic, as those are EXACTLY the kinds of things she could address..I think she is just afraid). SO...I'm proposing a leap in reality.

LOL...and while I nkow what I mean by this, I also DO NOT know what I mean...meaning (lol) that I know it intuitively, but it is yet needing more focus...

Am I making ANY sense at all? I'm talking, quite simply, taking the bull by the horns...but in something wherein most people don't...any topic. any area of life. think about it...

Or write me off as too much of a fruitcake to deal with...I wouldn't blame you, to be honest.

Anyhow, song lyrics are below....Hugs! Paris oops getting very ready to be released from here JAIL lol More medias Just like my first post remember ?thank you for saving them "John "PARIS HILTON" PXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 818XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX310XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 310XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXThe Hutchison Effect (experiments in antigravity)Tags : The Hutchison Effect (experiments in antigravity) amazing. Rating : ... Jay Leno Interviews Paris.. Jay Leno interviews Paris Hilton after her re. ... - 140k - Cached - Similar pages

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