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more tv info

Hutchison Effect caught on tape in High Def
Posted on Monday, June 04, 2007 @ 23:56:45 PDT by vlad

ROB SIMONE writes: Hi Bill,

I was just at John's apt/laboratory with a camera crew for new TV series i'm co-producing and hosting. We shot for over 7 hours, in High Def, and captured some extraordinary footage.

You may ask about the HGH bottle that floated in the air for the better part of 20 min. It was constant and controlled.....stunning...:)

It seemed to have 'over-driven' some of the components, I'm not sure if that is a common problem...

Rob Simone

William Alek wrote: Hello all,

Tomorrow night, I'll be having dinner with the legend, John Hutchison, Terry Brady and Steve Elswick of Tesla Tech, and Gary Voss of TAP-TEN research. If anyone has any questions they would like to ask of the group, please send me an email?


William S. Alek, INTALEK, INC.
7760 E. State Rte 69 Ste C5-381
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
PHONE: 928.255.0198

Tim Ventura writes: Hi Rob --


Your description (below) sounds absolutely remarkable.

I would very sincerely ask you to document EVERY aspect of the experience to the best of your ability - in writing would be the best, although if you'd like to schedule some time for an audio interview I could record (you have a show as well, but there might be some advantage to a targeted recording for posterity). For instance, Harold Berndt noticed a buzzing-noise like an over-driven tube-resonance right before the event he witnessed last year - a small detail that may offer us a scientific explanation, and I suspect there may be several things like this that you might not remember noticing even a month or two from now. I'm also incredibly relieved that you got this footage on tape.

Historically speaking, the problem with Hutchison has been the following:

1. Skeptics questioning the intelligence & credibility of people witnessing the effect.
2. The claim that Hutchison is "psychic" and the effect is thus irreproducible.
3. The claim that Hutchison is performing a hoax (by tipping the room upside down, hidden wires, etc)

The "psychic" or "PK" claim has been the most insidious & pervasive: it was first listed as a possibility by John Alexander, but subsequently picked up by other scientists as evidence to explain away a series of anomalies that appeared to threaten the existing paradigm of many people's scientific knowledge. In reality Hutchison's work threatens nothing, and offers a lot of potential, but psychologically this explanation has become a tool for the scientific community to assuage their guilt at having no ready explanation for the effect.

What's REALLY needed (in your documentary, hopefully), are observers who will come forward and sincerely testify about what they've seen in an accurate manner. John Alexander has done this effectively & fairly in past programs, despite never having reportedly seen the effect himself. However, most documentaries are entirely 3rd person, and it would help very much to build public interest if you could speak in a personal manner about your experience studying the paranormal and what it leads you to believe about what you've seen.

I'd like to say three things for the record on this:

First, there are a number of possible avenues for understanding how the Hutchison Effect works, and I believe all of them will lead us to an array of remarkable new technologies. While many scientists and inventors have explored a few of these in the past, Hutchison has never had the full financial & scientific apparatus to conduct a real research effort. My own belief is that with adequate infrastructure in place, it should be possible to fully harness this effect and integrate it into today's science in a beneficial manner.

Second, while John has been the victim of small minds and some irrational fear by agencies like the Canadian EPA, I do NOT believe that he has been the victim of a conspiracy to suppress his work. However, I am completely convinced that nagging doubts and a lack of understanding by the establishment has allowed this remarkable effect to "fall through the cracks" and prevent it from receiving the rigorous study that it otherwise would.

Third, Hutchison's work continues to receive interest at the highest levels of government and academia, but several groups that I'm acquaintanced with have expressed fear that they may ruin their own reputations by investing in such an unknown phenomenon. This fear is greatly compounded by several ignorantly skeptical comments that continue to circulate.

It is because of these factors that I believe what you've already accomplished has TREMENDOUS value in terms of helping to keep the Hutchison Effect in the public spotlight and encourage public interest in what may one day lead to full-fledged scientific investigation. To date, I've found that everyone with any real knowledge of this effect and it's history does not dispute that it occurs, and while there are many different speculations on the cause, I hope that your work is yet another block in the foundation of credibility that will help John's work to change our world in a positive way.


Timothy M. Ventura
American Antigravity, Inc
Phone: 425-605-0928
Mobile: 425-260-4175

rob simone

HI John !

Thanks for the heads up,
hope all is well, the show pilot
has been presented to several leading
networks, and there is great interest,
i'll update you with any news,


Friday, October 19, 2007


As mentioned in Wikipedia, many armchair skeptics have presented explanations for how the footage of the Hutchison-Effect might be faked. Often cited as an example is a piece of video shot by Peter Von Puttkamer in 2003 showing what appears to be a toy UFO suspended on a string as evidence. The video, which aired in a Canadian television broadcast, includes a narrative that describes a single-wire transmission system that John was experimenting with on a particular day. It is not considered to be part of the "classic" Hutchison-Effect, and has no bearing on the veracity of experimental footage shot during the 1980's. The experiment and its intent has been often misinterpreted due to early streaming-video of the footage, which excluded the explanatory narrative.

Another common skeptical accusation is that Hutchison is "tilting the room" (presumably an enclosure that can be rotated on it's axis without changing the camera orientation). This is provided as evidence that simple camera trickery is used to provide the antigravity & levitation effects shown in a variety of Hutchison Effect videoclips. Close examination of the original "lost footage" clearly shows, however, that Hutchison's footage is shot in a variety of areas in concrete-floored rooms, and full-length footage often shows floor-to-ceiling camera-pans that would be impossible for a mounted camera to achieve.

To clarify for the record, the burden of proof appears to demonstrate that the Hutchison Effect is a real and demonstrable natural effect, and that Hutchison is not faking the effect for publicity, money, or other motives.

Interviews with Dr. George Hathaway, Col. John Alexander, and television crews from Japan, Europe, and several networks in North America all verify that documented effects have been witnessed by many people at once, caught on multiple cameras (both amateur and professional), and do not involve simple trickery.

Other skeptics have suggested that while the Effect is real, it is not a natural phemenon, but instead a "psychic" or "PK" (psychokinesis) effect. This seemingly outlandish notion is the result of a report filed by a Stanford Research Institute team in the 1980's, who were funded by INSCOM Colonel John Alexander and focused primarily on researching suspected psychic-phenomenon.

While this team verified that the Hutchison Effect did occur, they were unable to provide a scientific explanation for it, and thus described it as being psycho-kinetic in nature. Hutchison has speculated that the effect might also have been described as PK in order to keep it from being classified by the Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) as important to national security.

Recent Events
During DVD filming by American Antigravity, we were unable to capture the H-Effect on film due to Hutchison lacking the RF-tube equipment that he used throughout the 1980's to generate the classic effect. This inability (from 1992 to 2006) to recreate the classic Hutchison Effect is in fact the reason that Hutchison was experimenting with other projects, such as the single-wire transmission system filmed by Peter Von Puttkamer. During part of this period of time, John was also under a voluntary test restriction by the local Vancouver mayor, who previously received calls from panicked neighbors during John's experiments.

In March 2006, this situation changed when a former colleague of Hutchison's - Alex Cherechesku - moved to a new house in Vancouver, and during the move returned an original RF tube amplifier to John that had been presumed lost over a decade earlier. Hutchison immediately began new experimentation, and during filming with well-known Canadian paranormal investigator Harold Berndt, was able to demonstrate several hundred pounds of equipment slam itself into an apartment wall with no apparent causal force. American Antigravity plans a return trip to attempt to capture the effect hopefully before the end of the year in 2007.

Recent Speculation
PhD Electrical Engineer James Corum co-authored a paper in 1981 with graduate-student Terry Keech where they analyzed how the metric tensor & gravity would be modified for a time-varying electric charge. The calculations that they derived & published suggest that a time-varying electric-charge can produce a 'gravitational repulsion' or negative gravitational-mass. Click Here

International Journal of Theoretical Physics (IJTP); Volume 20, 1981, pp. 63-68; Terry Keech and James Corum "New Derivation for the field of a time-varying charge in Einstein's Field-Theory".

Dr. George Hathaway and American Antigravity's Tim Ventura believe that the jellification effects demonstrated by Hutchison may come from a disruption of valence-electron binding by resonant RF interference.

Ventura has designed an experiment to potentially verify this theory by recording the Hutchison Effect on an active sample using a logging multimeter, and then re-apply the same complex RF signal to the same signal at a later time using a linear-amplifier to match the original amplitude. Thus, while the original effect requires a complex arrangement of RF and high-voltage equipment to produce, it may be reproduced with a very simplistic and well-understood apparatus, verifying that a specific resonant signal is what causes the effect, and not psychokinetic or other causal factors.

Another notable factor has come to light since 2005 that also may play an important role in explaining the effect. Hutchison notes that the jellification effect begins in the middle of his sample (lengthwise), at least in the of long aluminum, brass, and steel bars. This may indicate that the length of the sample plays a role in coupling the RF signal that creates the effect to a specific sample


Hutchison Physics: Terry Keech & James Corum
By Tim Ventura | Published 08/4/2005 | Research | Rating:

Tim Ventura
Wired calls him "The Linus Torvalds of Antigravity", but NASA still won't return his calls. Since the birth of American Antigravity in 2002, Tim has been featured on a multitude of television networks, such as Nippon TV and the BBC, as well as extensively covered in print by sources as diverse as Wired Magazine and Jane's Defense Weekly.

View all articles by Tim Ventura New Derivation for Time-Varying Fields
Overview: Dr. James F. Corum co-authored a paper in 1981 with graduate-student Terry Keech where they analyzed how the metric tensor & gravity would be modified for a time-varying electric charge. The calculations that they derived & published suggest that a time-varying electric-charge can produce a 'gravitational repulsion' or negative gravitational-mass.

It starts with the Nordstrom Metric, which Corum indicates was derived in 1918 and states the following: "The point-mass with charge modifies the metric-tensor for space and the gravitational field of the charge". (an electron or proton modifies gravity slightly around itself). An field of alternating polarity, such as the one from an AC current, can produce a negative gravitational field as a consequence of this theory, which originally was only designed to measure a static-field's interaction with the metric-tensor for space. The possibility for Tesla-related equipment to create Antigravity effects becomes a reality in this model.


The Ultimate Hutchison
By Tim Ventura | Published 09/19/2005 | Feature Articles | Rating:

Tim Ventura
Wired calls him "The Linus Torvalds of Antigravity", but NASA still won't return his calls. Since the birth of American Antigravity in 2002, Tim has been featured on a multitude of television networks, such as Nippon TV and the BBC, as well as extensively covered in print by sources as diverse as Wired Magazine and Jane's Defense Weekly.

View all articles by Tim Ventura A Behind the Scenes Look
Camera crews show up from all over the world to film John Hutchison – teams from nearly every continent arrive on his doorstep to capture what’s rapidly becoming known as one of the more remarkable mysteries of modern science. Thus far he’s done 30 or 40 television shows – possibly more -- spanning a remarkable 20 years of captivating interest in alt-science around the globe. Last year it was Fuji & Nippon TV from Japan, and the year before that Peter Von Puttkamer’s ‘Gryphon Productions’, shooting the Hutchison-Effect for ‘Discovery Canada’.

While John captivates the camera in an eclectic manner that few inventors get the opportunity to do, he pays a heavy price for this, because few of the teams that show up to cover his work actually care about promoting his research. They appear with an existing agenda – and an existing plotline – and weave their interview around a pre-existing notion of how he’s “supposed to act”. What are these expectations based on? Glad you asked...

Welcome to the story behind the ultimate roatrip to meet one of the world's most exciting inventors, the one and only John Hutchison. Get the inside story on the debate about psychic-powers, mind-machine interfaces, and the media controversy, with never before-seen photos of the remarkable levitation, jellification of metals, and room-temperature melting effects. Is this a Unified Field Effect, and how does it relate to both the Nick Cook's 'Nazi-Bell' experiment and the infamous 'Philadelphia Experiment'? Click on the link before for a new perspective on the man, the machine, and the media frenzy


The Hutchison device produces effects which can basically be divided into two categories, propulsive and energetic. It can induce lift in objects made of any material and also propel them laterally. It has been noted that there are four types of trajectory that affect objects weighing a few pounds, and all of these upward movements begin with a twisting spiral movement. Also, there has to be a particular geometry in relation to the direction of gravity, i.e., downwards of these objects, for them to be affected in this way. Some objects will not take off if you turn them on their sides, but will if you stand them on their ends. It is evident, therefore, that the relationship of their physical forms to the fields which swirl invisibly around them is important.

Returning to the four modes of trajectory, first, there is the looping arc, where objects take off relatively slowly over a period of seconds, loop in the air and fall back to earth; then there is the ballistic take-off where objects shoot upwards suddenly, hit the ceiling and fall back down. A third type of trajectory is a powered one where there appears to be a continuous lifting force; and the fourth is where an object moves upwards and just hovers for some time. As mentioned, these objects can be of any material whatsoever - wood, plastics, copper, zinc, styrofoam, etc. It must be mentioned that 99 per cent of the time the objects do nothing at all, and one can wait for days before anything happens, but it is just this erratic unpredictability that one finds when investigating poltergeist activity.

Another major area of activity is the disruptive phenomenon where materials are destroyed. Hutchison has a collection of metal samples which have been broken and/or deformed, indicating that high energy levels are involved, as mentioned before.

As one may imagine, this device has attracted intense interest from a variety of professional, academic and industrial sources, not to mention covert military attention.

In the USA, a respected and well-qualified electrical engineer, George Hathaway, has taken on the research and development of the device. As explained, although the device has many interrelated parts, it acts as a single entity. Of the disruptive effects on metals and other materials he relates:

"The disruption part of this...system has produced confirmatory physical samples that include water, aluminum, iron, steel, molybdenum, wood, copper, bronze, etc... We have tested various pieces that have broken apart, for hardness, ductility, etc. We have used optical and electron microscopes.

"Two samples of aluminum... one of which is twisted up in a left-handed spiral...and another which was blown into little fibres...molybdenum rods which are supposed to withstand temperatures of about 5,000 degrees F... We watched these things wiggle back and forth... In general, a collection of pieces of metal shows that they have been blasted apart or twisted..."

In domestic settings where 'poltergeist' activity is usually observed, metal-bending and deformities take place with less vigour - which is to be expected due to the accidental field configurations produced as electromagnetic pollution from power lines, radio transmitters, civilian radar, etc., interacts with Earth energies - otherwise known as geomagnetic and geoelectric fields - at locations inadvertently built over fault lines.

The following example taken from a well-known case in the UK - the Enfield poltergeist - shows a typical instance of metal- bending:

"It was 10.15 am on 6 December 1977. Janet was leaning on the kitchen worktop, and her mother was sitting down. Both were out of reach of the stove. Suddenly, they both heard a noise coming from the teapot - the same metal one that Grosse had seen rocking in front of his eyes. Mrs Harper picked up the pot and found that its stout metal lid had arched upwards, just as the spoons had done, bending right out of shape so that it no longer fitted the pot. I took the lid in both hands, and even using considerable force I was unable to bend it back."

Hathaway, in his descriptions of metal deformity, clearly gives the impression of intense energies at work:

"The largest piece [of metal] is about 12-13 inches long. It's two inches in diameter, of regular mild steel, and a 3/8 of an inch long part was blasted off the end and crumbled like a cookie."

However, even the domestic 'poltergeist' displays phenomena where extremely high energy levels are involved, although in the following example, also from the Enfield case, we get the impression that more conventional high-magnetic-field densities are involved:

"Mr Playfair...was already on his feet and standing in the doorway of their bedroom, wondering if he was seeing things.

"The entire iron frame of the gas fire had been wrenched out of the wall, and was standing at an angle on the floor, still attached to the half-inch-diameter brass pipe that connected it to the mains. The pipe had been bent through an angle of thirty-two degrees. This was a major demolition job, for the thing was cemented into the brickwork, and it was out of the question to suggest that one of the children could have wrenched it out. When we finally dismantled the whole apparatus, we found it quite a job even to move. It must have weighed at least fifty pounds."3

We may ask ourselves what new directions for investigation into 'poltergeists' are open to us in the light of the Hutchison Effect. Startling as it may seem, an answer is there ready-made for us in the almost matter-of-fact information that Hathaway supplies:

"Fragments have been analysed and found to have an anomalously high silicon content, although the original material was not silicon steel...a standing piece is 5-6 inches tall, 1 and 1/4 inches in diameter and is a piece of case-hardened steel... The case-hardening has been blown off at the top and about 3/4 of an inch of it vaporized during an experiment...a piece of iron was analysed for composition which showed anomalously high amounts of copper...wood particles were also found inside a piece of aluminium..."

Evidently, the energies involved are able to reorganise materials in a way that is virtually impossible by any other means, but we are now provided with a previously unheard-of perspective. From the Hutchison experiments, it is clear that an analysis of the composition of metals at the 'poltergeist' site, in order to detect similar mixture-anomalies, is an essential investigative procedure.

Although we may shelve theories of psychokinesis and separate them out from 'poltergeist' activity as belonging to dice-throwing experiments or the spoon-bending of Uri Geller, the weird physical antics of the mixing and matching fields of the Hutchison Effect provide us with something far stranger. This underscores the point made earlier that although it sounds as if the enigma of the 'poltergeist' is being diminished by identifying it as electromagnetic field activity, in actual fact the mystery is merely being redirected.

Physicists and electrical engineers should now reconsider the nature of severely modulated electromagnetic fields, for there are evidently previously unrealised potentials. The energies involved in the Hutchison Effect are clearly the same ones at work during 'poltergeist' activity, and it is only the ignorance and entrenched positions of the psychical research fraternity that prevent them from accepting these insights into electromagnetic energy potentials.

These energies include weird thermal effects. During Hutchison's experiments, flames have been produced and emitted from blocks of concrete, and fires have broken out in different parts of the building where the device was housed. Again, these effects are typical of 'poltergeist' reports. On one occasion, a steel file was held in place against a wooden board by two plywood struts, to prevent it taking off. The file glowed white-hot, but the board when examined afterwards was not even singed. Such mischievous thermal antics of 'phantom arsonists' have been attributed to the 'spirit energy of the poltergeist', whatever that may be, but Hathaway's warnings are more to do with effective safety practices in the laboratory:

"From time to time there are scorch marks on the boards from other experiments. The apparatus makes fire spontaneously in parts of the lab, if you're not careful."

The device can also induce unusual aurora-like lighting effects in mid-air. Once when Hutchison was filming in 1981, a sheet of iridescence suddenly descended between the camera and some of the hardware being used. It had a strange pinkish centre to it, and after it hovered there for a short period it vanished just as suddenly as it had appeared. Hutchison actually thought he had been hallucinating, but when the film was developed it transpired that there had actually been something objective there.

Once again, the Enfield case provides us with comparable examples of strange, luminous phenomena in a domestic setting, and in this extract they are accompanied by other typical phenomena also explainable within the Hutchison Effect:

"The Harpers hoped to find some peace and quiet in the Burcombes' house, but it was not to be. From the kitchen Sylvie suddenly let out a piercing scream and dropped the kettle she was holding. It was some time before she could calm down enough to describe what had happened. 'I was just pouring the water from the kettle into the teapot,' she said, 'when something appeared right in front of my eyes and then dropped onto the kitchen unit top, and bounced once.' It was a plastic rod, about six inches long, from one of the children's toy sets. 'I sort of looked down, opened my eyes, and this thing was in front of me,' she told Grosse when he arrived shortly afterwards. 'I screamed, shouted and jumped back, and after I jumped back I saw the thing jump and come up again.'

"Grosse questioned Mrs Burcombe very carefully about this incident, which seemed to be a genuine case of one of the rarest of all psychic phenomena: materialisation. The plastic rod had definitely not been thrown at her, she insisted. It had just appeared in front of her eyes and dropped down... But he had already seen too much, in both his own and his sister's homes. He had watched open-mouthed as a lamp slowly slid across a table and fell to the floor, vibrating violently. He had seen a drawer open by itself. He had felt an invisible force stop him closing his own bedroom door, which simply stuck half-closed though it normally swung shut on its own. And he had seen something far more alarming as he stood one day at the bottom of the Harper's staircase, looking up it. 'I saw this light,' he said. 'It was the equivalent, I should say, of twelve inches vertical. It looked like a fluorescent light behind frosted glass, which burned fiercely and gradually faded away'..."4

With the insights gained from what is possible during operation of the Hutchison device, coupled with my own findings that 'poltergeist' activity takes place at locations that are electromagnetic hot-spots, we can begin to understand what is going on in such cases. Unusual light phenomena can occur, and on consulting Burke's Handbook of Magnetic Phenomena we find several mechanisms documented where magnetic fields interact with light to produce specific optical effects that are predictable in laboratory conditions, but are obviously most startling when they occur spontaneously in domestic settings. Having stated this, however, the sheet of iridescent light which appeared during Hutchison's experiments also came as an unexpected and surprising phenomenon.

In the extract given above, it is not difficult to rethink the apparent materialisation of the plastic rod as a typical trajectory of the Hutchison Effect, observed many times and recorded on video. Likewise, the lamp slowly sliding across the table and vibrating could have come straight out of the catalogue of effects similarly induced. In fact, compared with the extreme effects that Hutchison can obtain with his device, domestic 'poltergeist' phenomena which previously seemed so dramatic, now seem quite tame. But as already noted, this lessening of effect is consistent with the fact that the Hutchison device involves a concentrated collection of devices which appear to act as a single entity, whereas an electromagnetic hot-spot occurs by the chance juxtaposition of freak environmental field sources.

Unfortunately, the investigators present during the 'poltergeist' activity at Green Street, Enfield, England, in the late 1970s, did not carry out a thorough field survey or identify the field sources involved, despite the fact that a magnetometer registered distinct deflections as objects were 'thrown' across the room. In fact, there is the distinct impression that, for them, electromagnetic fields were not a welcome explanation for the phenomena they witnessed, as the Playfair book relates how they discontinued use of the magnetometer once it showed that power surges occurred in conjunction with physical phenomena:

"When everybody was settled into bed, we switched on both tape recorders, Eduardo's being connected to the signal from the magnetometer, and left the room, since I had told him that nothing would happen if we both stayed there. From the landing we could keep an eye on the dial of the machine, and in the following forty minutes Janet's pillow was twice thrown across the room just as it had been the previous evening in my presence. This time, of course, I could not see Janet, although Mrs Harper assured me at once that she had not thrown it. And each time the needle on the magnetometer did indeed deflect, though Eduardo thought this might have been caused by creaking bedsprings."5

It is difficult to understand how bedsprings could cause power surges strong enough to register on a magnetometer (I, myself, have used many types of these instruments during investigations), and even more difficult to understand how they could induce deflections which happened to coincide with the movements of objects. Also, it's a wonder the investigators did not eliminate this as an option, if they thought it was possible, by simply moving the instrument away from the bedsprings. Magnetometers are of course designed to withstand the effects of magnetic fields, and so it is even more puzzling why the following reasoning and actions were employed:

"I was a little worried that he might have to go back to his university and report that the expensive instrument he had borrowed without permission had broken down, so we called off the experiment once we were satisfied that it seemed possible that there was some link between poltergeist activity and anomalous behaviour of the surrounding magnetic field."6

One of the primary investigators of the Green Street 'poltergeist' in Enfield, North London, was Maurice Grosse, who has given many lectures on his experiences and is now regarded as one of the leading authorities on this kind of phenomenon. On the whole, 'poltergeists' are regarded as discarnate and mischievous entities who home in on the energies of an adolescent focus and who unintentionally wreak havoc wherever they go, although particular locations are usually favoured for the most spectacular phenomena.

In the course of my career as an investigator, I have discovered that 'poltergeist' activity takes place in electromagnetic hot- spots, and is electromagnetic in nature. However, 'poltergeist expert' Maurice Grosse takes a different view:

"Albert's enthusiasm for his suppositions does him credit, but...displays a distinct lack of practical experience of psychic phenomena... I look forward with great interest to the day when flying boxes, stones, toys, heavy items of furniture, plus spontaneous fires and water phenomena, together with the passage of matter through matter, levitation, metal bending, to name just a few examples of poltergeist high jinks I have personally experienced, can be explained by electromagnetic and bioelectromagnetic activity."7

Well, Maurice, this is the day you have been waiting for! In fact, it was "the day" over 15 years ago when Guy Lyon Playfair's book on the Enfield 'poltergeist' was published in 1981 in the UK, when at the same time on the other side of the world in British Columbia, Canada, John Hutchison's device was just getting underway and generating all of the physical 'poltergeist' activity you were considering.


This is not the place to fully expound my own biological research into how the human body reacts to prolonged field exposure, except to say that the body eventually acts as an oscillator and can add to the electromagnetic mayhem generated at hot spots. That is to say, I would add to the Hutchison Effect by including my own findings, as outlined in my books, which point to 'poltergeists' being electromagnetic phenomena, and my conclusion that there is a bioelectromagnetic aspect where the human body behaves as another piece of electrical apparatus or hardware and re-radiates generalised ambient fields in more beam-like, coherent forms. This is a symptom of an increasingly common clinical condition known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EH), caused by exposure to electromagnetic pollution from power lines, transmitters, etc. The condition was the subject for an international conference of medical specialists and academics at Graz, Austria, in 1994. It is treated at the Breakspear Hospital in Hertfordshire, England.

However, nobody in psychical research here in England seems to be aware of EH or the work of John Hutchison, and there are fixed ideas which are protected with a religious fervour. Freak electromagnetic field conditions which seem to stretch the laws of physics to almost breaking point are not a welcome conclusion, although the history of science is littered with painful upheavals where the established view is turned on its head, and iconoclasts like myself and, unwittingly, John Hutchison, threaten the status quo. For example, Dr John Beloff, the Editor of Anomaly, the respected journal of the Society of Psychical Research, wrote to me to tell me:

"Whatever the relevance of exposure to EM has no obvious bearing on psychic experiences in general."

Having investigated reports of apparitions and 'poltergeists' in hot-spot locations for over three years, and measured the fields present with my trusty field meter, this statement made no sense at all. Perhaps the reader will have some inkling of the sort of establishment opposition I am up against, or may even refuse to believe the Hutchison Effect themselves.

However, it must be remembered that a number of well-known electrical engineering organisations have been involved. For example, McDonnell-Douglas Aerospace and the Max Planck Institute in Germany, both took many photographs, some of which appear here.

I anticipate that there will be a wave of controversy as a result of this article, if the reactions here in the UK are anything to go by, and I would be interested in any constructive suggestions that readers may have.


1. Burke, Harry E., Handbook of Magnetic Phenomena, Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, NY, 1986.
2. Playfair, Guy Lyon, This House Is Haunted, Sphere Books, UK, 1981, p. 113.
3. ibid., p. 62.
4. ibid., p. 45.
5. ibid., pp. 77-78.
6. ibid.
7. Anomaly, Journal of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena, UK, vol. 17, November 1995.


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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

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Friday, October 12, 2007



Wednesday, October 10, 2007

2007 airing

John Hutchison is the inventor sought after by the US Military: the Pentagon, Lockheed Martin Skunkworks, Los Alamos Labs and even NASA. Why? He's invented an Anti-Gravity machine. Airs June 1, 2, 2007 Discovery- The Science Channel (more)



Monday, October 8, 2007




Saturday, October 6, 2007


Thursday, August 9, 2007

time travel

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The following report was posted by Mr. Scott Hill of TAP-TEN Research...

Dr. Amos Ori has been in the papers before, both in 1987 and 1995 for his speculations on time-travel og black hole cosmology. Now Dr. Ori claims that time travel may be closer than we thought, in a new article in Physical Review Lett. , which we present a summary of here.

Back to the future? In a vacuum donut?


Back to the future, via a donut-shaped vacuum?

Judy Siegel-Itzkovich, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 2, 2007


Could all our blunders be reversed, our failings eliminated? Perhaps so, if an Israeli scientist's research is to be believed. With the help of Prof. Amos Ori, we might just be able to go back and stop the screw-ups from happening in the first place.
Ori, a physicist from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, has come up with what he says are practical solutions to overcome the hindrances that experts have long regarded as stopping us from traveling back in time.
In a paper published in the latest issue of the Physical Review journal, the scientist offers a theoretical model, based on mathematical equations describing conditions that, if established, could help lead to the development of a time machine of sorts. But rather than building an actual device, Ori explains that "the machine is space-time itself."
Time travel research is based on bending space-time so far that the time lines actually warp back on themselves to form a loop.
"We know that bending does happen all the time, but we want the bending to be strong enough and to take a special form where the lines of time make closed loops," explains Ori. "We are trying to find out if it is possible to manipulate space-time to develop in such a way."
While the possibility of time travel has never been ruled out, scientists have identified a number of physical challenges, including a perceived need for some form of exotic matter to create the necessary warp and get the wheels of time to turn back. Such matter is predicted by the quantum field theory to exist, although only in quantities too small for the construction of an actual time machine.
But Ori puts forth a different approach eliminating the need for exotic matter.
"If the proper initial conditions were achieved, the time machine would evolve on its own without any further intervention," he asserts. "It can be likened to shooting a ship with a cannon. Once the cannon is aimed properly and fired, the cannonball hits the ship on its own, driven solely by the laws of physics. The machine is space time itself. If we were to create an area with a warp like this in space that would enable time lines to close on themselves, it might enable future generations to return to visit our time."
But don't pack your bags and get ready to go dinosaur-hunting yet. "We, however," he cautions, "could not return to previous ages because our predecessors did not create this infrastructure for us."
The details of Ori's research are so complicated as to be baffling: In a 2004 paper, Ori outlined a set of conditions that would allow for the creation of a time loop without the need for exotic matter. According to that theory, the time loop would form as a donut-shaped vacuum, inside which time would curve back on itself, so that a person traveling around the loop might be able to go further back in time with each lap. A sphere containing a non-exotic - but unidentified - matter would in turn surround the loop.
But Ori's latest work eliminates the need even for that unidentified matter. His new calculations show that the envelope can in fact be packed with dust, a simple modeling of which is used regularly in theoretical physics, while still allowing for the evolution of a time machine.
Although Ori is certainly not alone in theorizing on time travel - previous theories are well-grounded in Einstein's General Relativity theory - he, like many other scientists, says serious questions remain about the overall stability of a time machine.
His own calculations - done in collaboration with doctoral student Dana Levanony, with those of other physicists, suggest that the evolution of a time machine would be dependent on a very narrow range of initial conditions that might be difficult or even impossible to reach, but he is working to show ways such a configuration could be achieved.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

older stuff

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Anti-Gravity Inventor's Stuff Not Appreciated by . . . ?
John Hutchison's apartment balcony in New Westminster, British Columbia, looks like a garage collection from a visitor from outer space. The city says "move it or else." Supporters say its not "junk" and to stop needlessly harassing him.

[enlarge] Photo by: Vlad of ZPEnergy
- One of these apartments is not like the others.
- They must not have very good reception in this area.
- What Al Quida? I don't see anything strange here.
- I think my neighbor works for the KJB.
- WMD found in Canadian Apartment.
- What planet is he from again?
- Whe's that thilly wabbit?

Mayor Responds > Nov. 17, 12:42 pm MST, New Westminster Mayor Wayne Wright replies: "this was the first I heard of the problem and have instructed our people to contact M. Hutchison and work out an acceptable arrangement for him"

Media > John Hutchison on TechTV (19 Mb wmv) - Invent This program pays a visit to John's apartment. Describes "petro-electrical effect" behind his "crystal cells" that are basically rocks turned into non-depleting batteries that tap ZP energy. (Hutchison index)


by Sterling D. Allan
Greater Things News Service
November 16, 2003

John Hutchison


Not everyone wants to live next door to Einstein -- I mean John Hutchison. There ought to be an award for the most amusing example of this dubious distinction.

John Hutchison would be among the finalists -- and at least one person (who is not letting his/her identity be known) isn't very happy about it. The other neighbors who were questioned by BCCTV don't mind, and actually find his display "intriguing."

A view of his apartment balcony looks like a top secret military surplus cache, complete with space-zapper looking gizmos and strange satellite-looking things.

What the . . . ??? [enlarge] Photo by: Vlad of ZPEnergy

What the h . . . ? [enlarge] [Photo by: Vlad of ZPEnergy]

In fact, it turns out that it is Navy surplus equipment, that John uses for various of his experiments. You would probably need a Ph.D., or more, to understand the description of what these experiments do and how they do it.

Try this one one for size:

"The Hutchison Effect, discovered in 1979, occurs as the result of radio wave interferences in a zone of spatial volume encompassed by high voltage sources, usually a Van de Graff generator, and two or more Tesla coils." -- Mark A. Solis

The news around the Internet says Hutchison's work ranges from free energy machines to anti-gravity devices.

"Who is this guy?"

"He has made crowbars float, and has welded metal and wood together," said Errol Bruce-Knapp of Toronto radio CFRB "Mind Shift." (Nov. 17, 2003.)

Bruce-Knapp is among those who call him the "Tesla of our time."

The city has given Hutchison until Nov. 22, 2003 to pack it out or have it taken away. The law is the law, right?

Not according to Hutchison's friends around the world. They are in an uproar, pummeling the city email lines with messages like "How dare you call his stuff junk!" and "Don't let a petty city ordinance hold back technologies that could clean up the planet." Some even go so far as to say, "John's work may be very necessary to the preservation of the human race."

This would be the fourth time his equipment is confiscated by the government. Another instance occurred when he was trying to move to Germany to more favorable surroundings. His machines were confiscated by the Canadian government at the dock.

What is strange about the recent harassment is that John has had this equipment on the balcony there for seven years, and had the city inspect his flat in 2000, and "everything checked out."

Aerielle Louise of the Lou Gentile Network, a paranormal talk show syndicate, is one of Hutchison's close associates who has been rallying support for his apartment dilemma. "John is brilliant in science, but sometimes a tad clueless when it comes to how people work. He thinks that just because all these people are raising a ruckus in his support he won't have to worry about his stuff being taken; but it doesn't always work that way when you are dealing with city hall."

Who knows what agendas are being served. Even without conspiratorial underpinnings, sometimes a bureaucratic mentality can be ruthless and completely disregard reason.

Hutchison's bright day in the sun was nearly twenty years ago when he invented a battery that never needs recharging. Several copies are found in various placed around the world in private ownership. There is one on public display in Japan that is still running. It doesn't put out that much electricity -- maybe enough to power a laptop computer -- but it never stops; never needs recharging.

The energy is supposedly extracted "from the cosmos." Just how that happens is the subject of numerous websites around the world.

Hutchison went on world tour showcasing his technology. He was visited by both the U.S. and Canadian governments who wanted him to work with them. He has received so many offers of funding and support that he has stopped counting. But after all these years, none have come through as promised.

"They just came, looked, and then stole his technology," says Louise. "It's not that complicated, and someone who has the right background can look and know what they are seeing." She says Hutchison's work is "at the root of what is being done in the military industrial complex," and that they are not sharing it with the civilian population.

In fact, she cautions inventors about getting patents on revolutionary things because they have to be passed by the Department of Defense first, and if the DOD thinks there is an application there for them, the inventor will get a notice and the technology will be sequestered.

"John is really quite disenchanted," says Louise. "He's not done much with his stuff for nearly two years now. His apartment is too small." It takes too much effort to get things out to where he can work on them, only to have to put them away again.

You can just hear the conversation now, "Honey, could you please move the zizzioplagorizer so I can open the dishwasher?"

"Actually, the stuff out on the balcony is not really the issue with the neighbors," said Hutchison on Bruce-Knapp's show Nov. 17. "When I was doing some filming for FOX news and Griffin Films, neighbors were complaining about items floating in their apartment."

"At that point, I decided to stop working with the anti-gravity technology and just focus on the energy technology," he said.

"He really needs a place out in the countryside where he can work in peace, with lots of laboratory space," says Louise.

Louise said Hutchison would next like to put his technology out in the form of a toy that never needs the battery to be changed. Next, he thinks he can build a battery device with much higher power output. And that is just the tip of the iceberg, according to the various websites addressing his work.

"We need to get it out of him in the next couple of years," she says, "or we may not get it at all."

Will city hall bend to one complaining citizen -- or whoever made the complaint -- and enforce a rule that perhaps even some of themselves are in violation, or will they strike a more reasonable arrangement?

Cities expend untold millions of dollars to restore historic cites within their boundaries to honor the heroes of the past. Perhaps New Westminster could cut Hutchison some slack and let him finish making history. He could do them proud.

Or will they forever be known as the city that snuffed Hutchison.

Hutchison Battery on display in Hiroshima City, Japan. Story was covered by JOGM TV, Mr. Hino - staff reporter. Batteries put out ~1.5 volts in perpetuity.
BCCTV did a segment on the problem on Friday November 14 on the 6 PM News - its 17 minutes into the RealMedia file
Bruce-Knapp's > Letter of Support - with links to send emails to New Westminster city hall.
See also
John Hutchison - Featuring Site
Discussion Boards > RMN Hutchison Forum - Author of "Hutchison Effect (see site)
John Hutchison's Website
The Hutchison Effect
Q-Cell by John Hutchison - Dirt Cheap Rocks
Video > Free Energy - New Energy Series; Vol 2: John Hutchison
Raid >
John Hutchison Raided At Gunpoint By Canadian Police (March 18, 2000)
Police Return Antique Guns: No Warrant, No Charges, No Explanation (April 14, 2000)
Google Search > John Hutchison free energy
Activist Links
Petition > - Search for John Kenneth Hutchison, will run Nov. 18 and 19 only.
Temporary Action Item > (Don't let city confiscate Hutchison's "junk")
Saving Hutchison's Work: Please Send An Email In Support - take 2 minutes.
New Westminister: Stand down on John Hutchison - copy of the email I sent them.
John Hutchison's "Junk" -- NOT > More New Wesminister Official's email addresses - to send letters of protest (see below)
Help > Inventor John Hutchison Needs Legal Help in BC Canada - in need of someone knowledgeable about housing code and regulations in New Westminster BC. And - someone willing to help him fight the city and prove that his equipment is not "junk."
(Smile: how would you like John as a neighbor?)
John Hutchison
305-727 Fifth Ave, New Westminster BC, Canada
Phone/Fax: (604) 524-4875 (rarely answers his phone)

Aerielle Louise (close associate of Hutchison)
The Lou Gentile Network

Page posted Nov. 16, 2003
Last updated October 27, 2005

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First, it is ridiculed;
Second, it is violently opposed; and
Third, it is accepted as self-evident.
-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

"When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."
-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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Monday, August 6, 2007

zero point energy system

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Scientists reveal secret of levitation Mon Aug 6, 12:08 PM ET

LONDON (AFP) - Scientists have discovered a ground-breaking way of levitating ultra small objects, which may revolutionise the design of micro-machines, a new report says.


Physicists said they can create "incredible levitation effects" by manipulating so-called Casimir force, which normally causes objects to stick together by quantum force.

The phenomenon could be used to improve the performances of everyday devices ranging from car airbags to computer chips, say Professor Ulf Leonhardt and Dr Thomas Philbin from Saint Andrews University.

Casimir force -- discovered in 1948 and first measured in 1997 -- can be seen in a gecko's ability to stick to a surface with just one toe.

Now the British scientists say they can reverse the Casimir force to cause an object to repel rather than attract another in a vacuum.

"The Casimir force is the ultimate cause of friction in the nano world, in particular in some micro-electromechanical systems," said Leonhardt, writing in the August issue of New Journal of Physics.

"Micro or nano machines could run smoother and with less or no friction at all if one can manipulate the force," he added.

And he added: "In order to reduce friction in the nanoworld, turning nature's stickiness into repulsion could be the ultimate remedy. Instead of sticking together, parts of micromachinery would levitate."

Leonhardt stressed that the practise is possible only for micro-objects.

But he underlined that, although in principle it may one day be possible to levitate humans, that day is a long way off.

"At the moment, in practice it is only going to be possible for micro-objects with the current technology, since this quantum force is small and acts only at short ranges," he said.

"For now, human levitation remains the subject of cartoons, fairytales and tales of the paranormal."

Their research was to be published in the New Journal of Physics.

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AFP/File Photo: Airbags inflate inside a car. Scientists have discovered a ground-breaking way of levitating ultra small... Science Video
Launching a lander for Mars
Peru struggles against warming
» All news video
Elsewhere on the Web Cargo ship docks with space station Hooked on McDonald's at Age 3 More astronauts embark on first space missions later in careers

Planet Profiled
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Journal of Physics

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

unknown email

[17:31] Sunday August 5, 2007



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Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2007 09:05:48 -0700
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To: "heffect"
Subject: עיצוב מדהים
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Thursday, July 12, 2007

paris post

Hey ,John "HI"To your loved ones .....Thank you for your vote for me!!!!!!"Ido love your new website!!!!. Busy !busy..... They keep me... I Realy enjoyed seeing "your "tv show Segment" More pleaseeeeee........... xoxoxo Paris Hilton Thanks for Yin's "message "OK"To Post On your Blog...Kudos.... "310xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 81xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

paris writes

John," From Paris Hilton John ? Gordon does he want me in the film ? Let me backtrack into an idea lol ;; I've been successful at every last thing I've done since that time (except personal relationships, but I think I now understand why I do that to myself, too...another time for that discussoin, though, especially as I have left that behind me now). WHY have I been successful? Because every time I walked into an interview, or tried to do/accomplish something, I did it from that same mindset...and there was a principle at play here -- act like you already are. Step into the role...and it becomes yours. Believe. Faith in the mystery. Simple analogy here. Someone doesn't need to understand WHY flipping the switch makes the light go on...they just need to believe they should flip the switch, to take advantage of the technology. John, the believing...It has NEVER failed. I believe in this principle, completely, totally. I also believe that reality is, for lack of a better way to verbalize it, largely under our control. That we script our own lives to a very large degree. People get caught up in their dramas, and forget that at any moment, we can completely walk, totally flip the script. But it is ever there. It is a powerful thing to know, and I've done it, seen others do it. Many best-selling self-help books are based on it, too. Think and Grow Rich, for instance. goes. I want a partner ---someone who is willing to toy with reality with me..someone to help me write a script, and see what happens. With complete intent. Far more so than what I played with over the years. Thing is, if you don't believe in the script with every last atom of your being, it won't work. It will automatically fail. What script? Anything we want, and I am pretty much open to trying ANY, as long as it doesn't hurt, demean, or psychologically harm my kids, myself, or you if you find this idea intriguing enough to try. The script can be anything...we can work together, scripting a project as large or small as we like, and make it a reality. In an area totally expected, or so far out there it is unbelievable. It can be a unique friendship with magical qualities (believe the magic is there, and it will be). It can be an exploration of hard core scientific 'facts' that we seek to either support or undo, or it can be an exploration of the paranormal. Psychological explorations. ANYTHING, the only limits being our imagination. I know the examples I set herein aren't revealing the deep power of this...and that perhaps I framed this in a way that is missing the passion that is possible in something like this..I am not talking of mundane things. I'm talking we write a script, agree it is going to be a reality, and make it happen. This is not like writing a business proposal (though I believe that that is WHY business proposals become reality...someone has set a path to making something concrete...I believe reality is about focus, and a business plan creates focus). I am talking about AGREEING TO A SCRIPT AND THEN CHANGING OUR PARADIGM IMMEDIATELY TO EMBRACE IT. Oh, I KNOW I'm not getting it right in here. I cannot put it into words tonight...why? Because it is so exciting to me that I can feel every atom of my being jumping about at the possibility. I'm talking it can be ANYTHING. Walk through walls? Why not? And if we can do things with machines...hmmm...maybe you will think this nuts, but I'll try it on for size, learn a bit about you. I know I risk losing your respect here, perhaps. but so be it, truth and honesty come first. You can build a machine that can do unusual things...for instance, levitation. But see...ok, Bach put it best in illusions (I'm going to paraphrase, it has been forever since I read it). He wanted to fly --without a plane. Figures that planes took so long to be invented because noone believed they could be. Once someone believed, bam, it was made into reality. HOwever, the person(s) imagining flight were imagining it with machines. If you believe you can fly without a machine, it is merely a matter of experimenting until you find the right way...same thing they did when experimenting with machines that could fly. In other words, once you believe it is possible, you apply yourself to discovering the principles. For instance, you can make things levitate with the aid of a machine. Well, what if you shift the paradigm and believe you can make things levitate WITHOUT a machine. What if you modify the definition of machine to include YOUR BRAIN OR BODY CHEMISTRY as a machine...could you then begin to reframe it all, with looking to levitate with the aid of a new machine, your brain? Or with the electrical impulses in your body? From there you can start to examine your biology, in relation to the chemical makeup of the world around you. Are there ways in which they interact that can be manipulated, without a machine, but with some approach akin to biofeedback (ah, not exactly, but I am trying to NOT write an entire book to you tonight, lol...are you getting the idea? Is this totally insane? ).

I have talked this over with the other PERSON on many occasions. At one point, when we were both already in a relationship, we were discussing WHY arranged marriages seem to turn out so well (the studies on this are astounding). Yes, there is something to the fact that perhaps the parents are choosing well, based on compatability factors, and matching up socio-economic levels, etc. BUT, what if it were not because of that, but because of the paradigm. You are entering into a relationship based upon the premise that it is going to work. You walk down that aisle, perhaps seeing your husband for the first time, and you go home, and you make it work. That is all. No questions asked. This is reality . You are married, and it is going to work. We used to toy with the idea (we were both pretty unhappy in the relationships we were in at the time, lol). What if we had found a like-minded soul, someone we could trust inherently, know competely, and sat down and wrote a script? There is a song by Jewel called Painters. She tells of a couple who made their love an art to live by...created blueprints for their love. This song sort of captures a bit of this agree to do something, and manifest it. SEE???? This principle can be applied to ANYTHING. (I'm going to attach the lyrics to the song below, it is such a cool thing,l think).

I believe the love story of authors Henry Miller and Anais Nin is one of the greatest in history (not the greatest, but definitely ONE of the greatest). I have a sneaking suspicion that they did something similar to this. Their's was bittersweet, they didn't wind up together in the end. But I think they WANTED it that way...for they were writers, and they appreciated the tragic beauty of such a story, the poignancy. And each had their own life, their own love, their own interests. They created Miller and Nin, greatest love story of their time..with intent. More for the poetry, than pehaps for what was there.

So see, it can be applied to anything. Let us build a flying machine never before seen, or a board game wherein the pawns electronically communicate with the board, and assess different situations, let us walk through a wall, or communicate with another dimension, or get to know an entity personally, as in very well, or open a museum just for kids unlike any that has ever before been seen, that blows away all science museums ever before imaginarium that pushes the limits; let us create a sci-fi story (fact or fiction, perhaps a combination of both) that pushes the limits; let us create our own frankenstein; let us convince authorities to let us camp out in the sphinx for a you see what I'm saying? Let us begin a great game...let us break all rules, let us warp and distort reality, make our own stories, rescript life. lol, I guess I'm asking you to join me in an adventure, but not the kind people typically explore. When time allows after this jail MESS LOL OK??????

I THINK what I'm proposing is that we become 'partners in crime' (lol, though I'm not talking crime per se, because I want permissions where permissions aren't granted -- oh, and btw, my friends and I , back then, would create little challenges, like 'breaking a minor law, right in front of a police officer, and getting him to laugh about it wiht you' - or getting the police and fire department who show up to close down your party to instead come join it when they are off duty, Well I think this jail time lol """""Was not fun """Or to get the 80 y/o senator to come to the nightclub and dance on the speakers with you; to get John Updike to play telephone at the dinner table with you...we did all these things - oh, and to go out for an evening, and pretend you are named ginger and maryann, and go the whole night telling people your life story as if you really WERE stranded on an island, and to do it so in such a way that they believed you, and never caught on that you were taking it straight from the script of gilligan's island). But I want to take it to new levels...with no limits.

ANYTHING JOHN!!! And what I'm asking here is a simple experiment. Let us get creative, let our imaginations run wild, and try it out...something intriguing, unusual, out there. Just between one else has to know. We can start oh-so-small. We don't even have to meet to do it, even. I'm saying, let us be reality weavers, cloudbusters, whatever..but with intent, and with the complete commitment to the idea that we are not limited WHATSOEVER by laws of physics/nature/culture...

I'm not saying be totally mad in this...or dangerous even. (oh, but the idea itself seems so you know what I mean when I say ideas can be dangerous? Not to others so much as idea can shake us to the core of our being...can change our entire world, leave us unsettled to the end of our days...!). I'm just saying...let us script something crazy, and make it reality.

Sort of like Dungeons and Dragons, but different, lol. And real. If you think about it, where really IS the difference between fantasy and reality? You may be sitting there on your sofa, someone who has never traveled more than 50 miles from their home. You see a show that gets you thinking...I want to see Paris! Something inside you shifts, you believe now that you will see Paris. Next thing you know, you are saving money. Looking into fares. Taking time off from work. Booking your flight. Departing on that flight.

What if you were sitting on your sofa, and instead of deciding you want to go to Japan lets say you decide you want to walk through walls? And something shifts inside you, you now believe that you WILL walk through walls. Well...the only thing that TRULY makes this more difficult to do than Japan is that no one has left you a blueprint...see, you know, be it from friends, or TV, or reading, or from experience, what planning a trip will involve. Well, planning to walk through walls, we don't have good information on how to do that, and we haven't seen it being done for real. We've seen others decide to go to Japan and make it happen, so it is TANGIBLE to us. WEll...those who first built flying machines were in the same position as the fella sitting on the couch deciding to walk through walls... no prior examples of success, no blueprints.

YOU of all people should get this. You have been an explorer, a discoverer, a detective. What I'm proposing here is we pick ANYTHING. only imagination limits us. And we do it. More intentionally. And we document it. ANd if it is intriguing, we spoon feed the concept to the rest of the world. Give others a little magic to believe in. Open a few minds. Let others see that life is endless possibility. is. But people get trapped, and it is all illusion, it is only their own minds, their own imaginations that hold them back.

OK, I can't fully explain what I'm proposing here. I'm just saying...take this little bit that I put forth here, and let us god-children, children who have the ability to weave worlds...because isn't that all ANY of us do when we write the script that is our life? Because let us be honest here, we DO write our scripts. OK, one can argue that the juvenile factors aren't written by us...even if we don't touch that one...who we are today is determined by us, by each choice we make along the way...oh, I hope I haven't lost you here. I'm sleepy, and not getting this down as lucidly, as eloquently as I'd like.

I approach you with this (and Laura and I have always been, till now, too afraid to share the idea with anyone else, because we didn't think anyone else would get it...) because you are the explorer that you are, you have a solid education in both science and the paranormal, a tremendous imagination, and I have connected with you on a deep level that I think indicates (I could be all things...that is my caveat) you have wha t it takes, and that we have enough in common on the levels where it is important, to make this happen. you want to try this little game? Write the script with me...whatever it may be. You can throw the subjects out there, I'm open to exploring pretty much any idea...again, if I am not comfortable with something, I will simply tell you it.

Think on this. The possibilities are endless. I guess what I"m saying is this: Let's explore the potential to STOP EVERYTHING and take as full a control of our destiny (in one small area at least) as we can. The examined life. The chosen life. The life uncommon.

Doing this with a partner is, as Laura and I discussed, what will make it more real....someone to collaborate with.

And yes, she and I did play with this a little bit. And on minor levels we have made it happen. Thing is, she and I have very different lives right now, as she has toddlers to raise, an out-of-work husband, and a huge law career that she is tryingt o juggle. Time to commit to changing any of that is what she lacks (ironic, as those are EXACTLY the kinds of things she could address..I think she is just afraid). SO...I'm proposing a leap in reality.

LOL...and while I nkow what I mean by this, I also DO NOT know what I mean...meaning (lol) that I know it intuitively, but it is yet needing more focus...

Am I making ANY sense at all? I'm talking, quite simply, taking the bull by the horns...but in something wherein most people don't...any topic. any area of life. think about it...

Or write me off as too much of a fruitcake to deal with...I wouldn't blame you, to be honest.

Anyhow, song lyrics are below....Hugs! Paris oops getting very ready to be released from here JAIL lol More medias Just like my first post remember ?thank you for saving them "John "PARIS HILTON" PXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 818XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX310XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 310XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXThe Hutchison Effect (experiments in antigravity)Tags : The Hutchison Effect (experiments in antigravity) amazing. Rating : ... Jay Leno Interviews Paris.. Jay Leno interviews Paris Hilton after her re. ... - 140k - Cached - Similar pages