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HI !John ;A Week Of hell For "Me "" please put this on your "BLOGGER" Any doubts that the world can be magical, folks?'s proof positive. I've had my blog, what a week now? A WEEK. There are MILLIONS of blogs out there. "love this one of Johns "

HOW...IN ONE WEEK....does an editor find mine, and write me asking if I have ever tried to have my work published, and what else do I have???

ONE WEEK. The statistical likelihood of that???? COME ON!!! I asked her how she found it, she said she was searching under magic (MAGIC!!!!), and my title with 'illusion' came up, somehow. Maybe myspace's search cross references them? I just don't know. I won't question it. It just IS.

I'm telling you, I don't know where it is heading, but Magic is Afoot. I've totally recreated my paradigm here...I am now no longer looking at 'musts' and 'have tos' in the same way...I'm back to who I was before I somehow got lost. Yes, I have to untangle the nightmare of a web I've caught myself in, but look, dear friends...I start living in tune with me, and I don't even have to set foot outside the house...don't even have to submit a mss. and THIS???

LOL, as proof positive of things coming to one...the fed ex guy asked me out, lol. Now I've no interest, but see? Romance can even come to one, if you are open to the possibility!!! Now if only the Gods would come to me...

Ah, be careful what you wish for... yes? (I didn't say FOR me, but to, just clarifying that!)

That said and done: Believe in the power of right living...I'm telling you, I feel as if I'm living in another realm, the coincidences are uncanny!!! And they are coming more frequently now...what is this???

Hugs to all!

paris writes

John," From Paris Hilton John ? Gordon does he want me in the film ? Let me backtrack into an idea lol ;; I've been successful at every last thing I've done since that time (except personal relationships, but I think I now understand why I do that to myself, too...another time for that discussoin, though, especially as I have left that behind me now). WHY have I been successful? Because every time I walked into an interview, or tried to do/accomplish something, I did it from that same mindset...and there was a principle at play here -- act like you already are. Step into the role...and it becomes yours. Believe. Faith in the mystery. Simple analogy here. Someone doesn't need to understand WHY flipping the switch makes the light go on...they just need to believe they should flip the switch, to take advantage of the technology. John, the believing...It has NEVER failed. I believe in this principle, completely, totally. I also believe that reality is, for lack of a better way to verbalize it, largely under our control. That we script our own lives to a very large degree. People get caught up in their dramas, and forget that at any moment, we can completely walk, totally flip the script. But it is ever there. It is a powerful thing to know, and I've done it, seen others do it. Many best-selling self-help books are based on it, too. Think and Grow Rich, for instance. goes. I want a partner ---someone who is willing to toy with reality with me..someone to help me write a script, and see what happens. With complete intent. Far more so than what I played with over the years. Thing is, if you don't believe in the script with every last atom of your being, it won't work. It will automatically fail. What script? Anything we want, and I am pretty much open to trying ANY, as long as it doesn't hurt, demean, or psychologically harm my kids, myself, or you if you find this idea intriguing enough to try. The script can be anything...we can work together, scripting a project as large or small as we like, and make it a reality. In an area totally expected, or so far out there it is unbelievable. It can be a unique friendship with magical qualities (believe the magic is there, and it will be). It can be an exploration of hard core scientific 'facts' that we seek to either support or undo, or it can be an exploration of the paranormal. Psychological explorations. ANYTHING, the only limits being our imagination. I know the examples I set herein aren't revealing the deep power of this...and that perhaps I framed this in a way that is missing the passion that is possible in something like this..I am not talking of mundane things. I'm talking we write a script, agree it is going to be a reality, and make it happen. This is not like writing a business proposal (though I believe that that is WHY business proposals become reality...someone has set a path to making something concrete...I believe reality is about focus, and a business plan creates focus). I am talking about AGREEING TO A SCRIPT AND THEN CHANGING OUR PARADIGM IMMEDIATELY TO EMBRACE IT. Oh, I KNOW I'm not getting it right in here. I cannot put it into words tonight...why? Because it is so exciting to me that I can feel every atom of my being jumping about at the possibility. I'm talking it can be ANYTHING. Walk through walls? Why not? And if we can do things with machines...hmmm...maybe you will think this nuts, but I'll try it on for size, learn a bit about you. I know I risk losing your respect here, perhaps. but so be it, truth and honesty come first. You can build a machine that can do unusual things...for instance, levitation. But see...ok, Bach put it best in illusions (I'm going to paraphrase, it has been forever since I read it). He wanted to fly --without a plane. Figures that planes took so long to be invented because noone believed they could be. Once someone believed, bam, it was made into reality. HOwever, the person(s) imagining flight were imagining it with machines. If you believe you can fly without a machine, it is merely a matter of experimenting until you find the right way...same thing they did when experimenting with machines that could fly. In other words, once you believe it is possible, you apply yourself to discovering the principles. For instance, you can make things levitate with the aid of a machine. Well, what if you shift the paradigm and believe you can make things levitate WITHOUT a machine. What if you modify the definition of machine to include YOUR BRAIN OR BODY CHEMISTRY as a machine...could you then begin to reframe it all, with looking to levitate with the aid of a new machine, your brain? Or with the electrical impulses in your body? From there you can start to examine your biology, in relation to the chemical makeup of the world around you. Are there ways in which they interact that can be manipulated, without a machine, but with some approach akin to biofeedback (ah, not exactly, but I am trying to NOT write an entire book to you tonight, lol...are you getting the idea? Is this totally insane? ).

I have talked this over with the other PERSON on many occasions. At one point, when we were both already in a relationship, we were discussing WHY arranged marriages seem to turn out so well (the studies on this are astounding). Yes, there is something to the fact that perhaps the parents are choosing well, based on compatability factors, and matching up socio-economic levels, etc. BUT, what if it were not because of that, but because of the paradigm. You are entering into a relationship based upon the premise that it is going to work. You walk down that aisle, perhaps seeing your husband for the first time, and you go home, and you make it work. That is all. No questions asked. This is reality . You are married, and it is going to work. We used to toy with the idea (we were both pretty unhappy in the relationships we were in at the time, lol). What if we had found a like-minded soul, someone we could trust inherently, know competely, and sat down and wrote a script? There is a song by Jewel called Painters. She tells of a couple who made their love an art to live by...created blueprints for their love. This song sort of captures a bit of this agree to do something, and manifest it. SEE???? This principle can be applied to ANYTHING. (I'm going to attach the lyrics to the song below, it is such a cool thing,l think).

I believe the love story of authors Henry Miller and Anais Nin is one of the greatest in history (not the greatest, but definitely ONE of the greatest). I have a sneaking suspicion that they did something similar to this. Their's was bittersweet, they didn't wind up together in the end. But I think they WANTED it that way...for they were writers, and they appreciated the tragic beauty of such a story, the poignancy. And each had their own life, their own love, their own interests. They created Miller and Nin, greatest love story of their time..with intent. More for the poetry, than pehaps for what was there.

So see, it can be applied to anything. Let us build a flying machine never before seen, or a board game wherein the pawns electronically communicate with the board, and assess different situations, let us walk through a wall, or communicate with another dimension, or get to know an entity personally, as in very well, or open a museum just for kids unlike any that has ever before been seen, that blows away all science museums ever before imaginarium that pushes the limits; let us create a sci-fi story (fact or fiction, perhaps a combination of both) that pushes the limits; let us create our own frankenstein; let us convince authorities to let us camp out in the sphinx for a you see what I'm saying? Let us begin a great game...let us break all rules, let us warp and distort reality, make our own stories, rescript life. lol, I guess I'm asking you to join me in an adventure, but not the kind people typically explore. When time allows after this jail MESS LOL OK??????

I THINK what I'm proposing is that we become 'partners in crime' (lol, though I'm not talking crime per se, because I want permissions where permissions aren't granted -- oh, and btw, my friends and I , back then, would create little challenges, like 'breaking a minor law, right in front of a police officer, and getting him to laugh about it wiht you' - or getting the police and fire department who show up to close down your party to instead come join it when they are off duty, Well I think this jail time lol """""Was not fun """Or to get the 80 y/o senator to come to the nightclub and dance on the speakers with you; to get John Updike to play telephone at the dinner table with you...we did all these things - oh, and to go out for an evening, and pretend you are named ginger and maryann, and go the whole night telling people your life story as if you really WERE stranded on an island, and to do it so in such a way that they believed you, and never caught on that you were taking it straight from the script of gilligan's island). But I want to take it to new levels...with no limits.

ANYTHING JOHN!!! And what I'm asking here is a simple experiment. Let us get creative, let our imaginations run wild, and try it out...something intriguing, unusual, out there. Just between one else has to know. We can start oh-so-small. We don't even have to meet to do it, even. I'm saying, let us be reality weavers, cloudbusters, whatever..but with intent, and with the complete commitment to the idea that we are not limited WHATSOEVER by laws of physics/nature/culture...

I'm not saying be totally mad in this...or dangerous even. (oh, but the idea itself seems so you know what I mean when I say ideas can be dangerous? Not to others so much as idea can shake us to the core of our being...can change our entire world, leave us unsettled to the end of our days...!). I'm just saying...let us script something crazy, and make it reality.

Sort of like Dungeons and Dragons, but different, lol. And real. If you think about it, where really IS the difference between fantasy and reality? You may be sitting there on your sofa, someone who has never traveled more than 50 miles from their home. You see a show that gets you thinking...I want to see Paris! Something inside you shifts, you believe now that you will see Paris. Next thing you know, you are saving money. Looking into fares. Taking time off from work. Booking your flight. Departing on that flight.

What if you were sitting on your sofa, and instead of deciding you want to go to Japan lets say you decide you want to walk through walls? And something shifts inside you, you now believe that you WILL walk through walls. Well...the only thing that TRULY makes this more difficult to do than Japan is that no one has left you a blueprint...see, you know, be it from friends, or TV, or reading, or from experience, what planning a trip will involve. Well, planning to walk through walls, we don't have good information on how to do that, and we haven't seen it being done for real. We've seen others decide to go to Japan and make it happen, so it is TANGIBLE to us. WEll...those who first built flying machines were in the same position as the fella sitting on the couch deciding to walk through walls... no prior examples of success, no blueprints.

YOU of all people should get this. You have been an explorer, a discoverer, a detective. What I'm proposing here is we pick ANYTHING. only imagination limits us. And we do it. More intentionally. And we document it. ANd if it is intriguing, we spoon feed the concept to the rest of the world. Give others a little magic to believe in. Open a few minds. Let others see that life is endless possibility. is. But people get trapped, and it is all illusion, it is only their own minds, their own imaginations that hold them back.

OK, I can't fully explain what I'm proposing here. I'm just saying...take this little bit that I put forth here, and let us god-children, children who have the ability to weave worlds...because isn't that all ANY of us do when we write the script that is our life? Because let us be honest here, we DO write our scripts. OK, one can argue that the juvenile factors aren't written by us...even if we don't touch that one...who we are today is determined by us, by each choice we make along the way...oh, I hope I haven't lost you here. I'm sleepy, and not getting this down as lucidly, as eloquently as I'd like.

I approach you with this (and Laura and I have always been, till now, too afraid to share the idea with anyone else, because we didn't think anyone else would get it...) because you are the explorer that you are, you have a solid education in both science and the paranormal, a tremendous imagination, and I have connected with you on a deep level that I think indicates (I could be all things...that is my caveat) you have wha t it takes, and that we have enough in common on the levels where it is important, to make this happen. you want to try this little game? Write the script with me...whatever it may be. You can throw the subjects out there, I'm open to exploring pretty much any idea...again, if I am not comfortable with something, I will simply tell you it.

Think on this. The possibilities are endless. I guess what I"m saying is this: Let's explore the potential to STOP EVERYTHING and take as full a control of our destiny (in one small area at least) as we can. The examined life. The chosen life. The life uncommon.

Doing this with a partner is, as Laura and I discussed, what will make it more real....someone to collaborate with.

And yes, she and I did play with this a little bit. And on minor levels we have made it happen. Thing is, she and I have very different lives right now, as she has toddlers to raise, an out-of-work husband, and a huge law career that she is tryingt o juggle. Time to commit to changing any of that is what she lacks (ironic, as those are EXACTLY the kinds of things she could address..I think she is just afraid). SO...I'm proposing a leap in reality.

LOL...and while I nkow what I mean by this, I also DO NOT know what I mean...meaning (lol) that I know it intuitively, but it is yet needing more focus...

Am I making ANY sense at all? I'm talking, quite simply, taking the bull by the horns...but in something wherein most people don't...any topic. any area of life. think about it...

Or write me off as too much of a fruitcake to deal with...I wouldn't blame you, to be honest.

Anyhow, song lyrics are below....Hugs! Paris oops getting very ready to be released from here JAIL lol More medias Just like my first post remember ?thank you for saving them "John "PARIS HILTON" PXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 818XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX310XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 310XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


The Hutchison Effect

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Scalar Mechanics - Much of Tom Bearden's research in the 1980's related to scalar mechanics and Tesla-technology that might be related to the Hutchison-Effect. Click Here

Scalar EM - When two or more Tesla coils are run in close proximity to each other, they tend to create pockets of higher and lower energy where the Hertzian waveforms intersect. Where two oscillating scalar fields meet each other, they will create an isolated "peak" that has more energy than either of the two ripples that contributed to it.

Experiments - John Hutchison's experiments have been exceeding difficult to replicate due to the extraordinarily complex arrangement of waveforms that is seemlingly required to generate the Hutchison effect.

Hutchison's experiments include the operation of between 5 and 6 Telsa-coils simultaneously, but also include a buffer-voltage that he applies through a variable-output DC Van De Graaf generator.

Hutchison 2007 DVD-Rom
Over 4 Gigs of lost-footage, spectacular photos, and exclusive interviews with inventor John Hutchison.
The 'Ultimate Hutchison'
This article documents filming the DVD, interviewing John, and offers one explanation for how the effect works.
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Only a rumor for nearly 20-years, now you can watch the 20-minutes of original footage from the 1980's (low-res).
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A reprint of George Hathaway's well-known speculative article about the Hutchison-effect.
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A brief interview with George Hathaway - Hutchison's former colleague and well-known PhD electrical engineer.
Harold Berndt's H-Effect Article
An interesting narrative by the well-known Canadian paranormal research who filmed John in 2006.
Crystal Power Cell Footage
Footage from a Hutchison special that explores John's claim of producing overunity crystal energy.

If you're interested in learning more about Hutchison's crystal ZPE batteries, send him an email at: For a high-res WinMedia video clip of the classic 1980's experiments, click here

Antigravity & Levitation Effects

The Hutchison effect has been known to cause the spontaneous levitation of a variety of common household & workshop materials. The photos above are a stop-motion display of a glass of liquid spontaneously flying out of the top of the glass. John has also levitated a 70-pound antique cannon-ball without any electrical connections during testing.

Melts Metals at Room Temperature!

The Hutchison-Effect jellifies metals, temporarily giving them the consistency of a putty, jelly, or sometimes even water. Detailed chemical, spectrographic, and STM analysis by Dr. George Hathaway and others shows a complete breakdown in the molecular structure of these materials that remains even after they solidify. We speculate that it may occur when high-amplitude & voltage RF waves disrupt valence electrons in solids. Closeups are from our DVD-Rom, to buy it: Click Here

August 2005 DVD-Filming

American Antigravity is a 501c[3] non-profit educational foundation, and in August 2005 we traveled to visit Hutchison at his residence/lab, and spent several hours shooting interview footage and closeups of his metal samples for an educational DVD-Rom. The photos above are of John and the research team, which includes American Antigravity's Tim Ventura, Seattle telecom executive Colby Harper, paranormal researcher Harold Berndt (and son Bryan), and Microsoft project-manager Mike Shafer. To purchase the DVD: Click Here

October 2005 DVD-Filming

Boeing engineer & HFGW expert Gary Stephenson, Harold Berndt, and Tim Ventura returned in October to obtain more interview footage and give Gary & John the opportunity to discuss potential scientific explanations for the effect. Stephenson also reviewed scientific findings by Hathaway and others, as well as spectro-analysis & STM results, and numerous letters that support Hutchison's discussion of military interest from numerous government agencies.

Hutchison's 'Lost-Footage'
The "classic" Hutchison-Effect shown in over a hundred television shows worldwide is a compilation of primarily super-8mm film-footage shot by both John Hutchison and Dr. George Hathaway during the early 1980's. It was filmed freehand, with a substantial amount of jitter and camera-play, often because John was adjusting controls with the other hand, or panning rapidly to catch an unexpected manifestation of an event. While the Hutchison Effect has been documented by television crews on many other occasions, for copyright reasons that vast majority of "classic" footage shown on-air comes from this original set of Super-8mm film reels.

In 1991, Dr. George Hathaway - an early experimental partner of Hutchison's - transferred the Super8mm footage to video-format, and created a VHS cassette tape for posterity. This tape contains narration by Hathaway, who describes not only the effect, but also the context that it occurs in. This VHS tape has been referred to as the "Lost Footage", and contains approximately 20-minutes of original footage, along with interludes in which George Hathaway provides additional information on the effect. The "Lost Footage" is available online in Windows Media and Google Video formats, and also available on American Antigravity's Hutchison DVD-Rom in a higher bandwidth format.

Debunking Armchair Skeptics
As mentioned in Wikipedia, many armchair skeptics have presented explanations for how the footage of the Hutchison-Effect might be faked. Often cited as an example is a piece of video shot by Peter Von Puttkamer in 2003 showing what appears to be a toy UFO suspended on a string as evidence. The video, which aired in a Canadian television broadcast, includes a narrative that describes a single-wire transmission system that John was experimenting with on a particular day. It is not considered to be part of the "classic" Hutchison-Effect, and has no bearing on the veracity of experimental footage shot during the 1980's. The experiment and its intent has been often misinterpreted due to early streaming-video of the footage, which excluded the explanatory narrative.

Another common skeptical accusation is that Hutchison is "tilting the room" (presumably an enclosure that can be rotated on it's axis without changing the camera orientation). This is provided as evidence that simple camera trickery is used to provide the antigravity & levitation effects shown in a variety of Hutchison Effect videoclips. Close examination of the original "lost footage" clearly shows, however, that Hutchison's footage is shot in a variety of areas in concrete-floored rooms, and full-length footage often shows floor-to-ceiling camera-pans that would be impossible for a mounted camera to achieve.

To clarify for the record, the burden of proof appears to demonstrate that the Hutchison Effect is a real and demonstrable natural effect, and that Hutchison is not faking the effect for publicity, money, or other motives.

Interviews with Dr. George Hathaway, Col. John Alexander, and television crews from Japan, Europe, and several networks in North America all verify that documented effects have been witnessed by many people at once, caught on multiple cameras (both amateur and professional), and do not involve simple trickery.

Other skeptics have suggested that while the Effect is real, it is not a natural phemenon, but instead a "psychic" or "PK" (psychokinesis) effect. This seemingly outlandish notion is the result of a report filed by a Stanford Research Institute team in the 1980's, who were funded by INSCOM Colonel John Alexander and focused primarily on researching suspected psychic-phenomenon.

While this team verified that the Hutchison Effect did occur, they were unable to provide a scientific explanation for it, and thus described it as being psycho-kinetic in nature. Hutchison has speculated that the effect might also have been described as PK in order to keep it from being classified by the Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) as important to national security.

Recent Events
During DVD filming by American Antigravity, we were unable to capture the H-Effect on film due to Hutchison lacking the RF-tube equipment that he used throughout the 1980's to generate the classic effect. This inability (from 1992 to 2006) to recreate the classic Hutchison Effect is in fact the reason that Hutchison was experimenting with other projects, such as the single-wire transmission system filmed by Peter Von Puttkamer. During part of this period of time, John was also under a voluntary test restriction by the local Vancouver mayor, who previously received calls from panicked neighbors during John's experiments.

In March 2006, this situation changed when a former colleague of Hutchison's - Alex Cherechesku - moved to a new house in Vancouver, and during the move returned an original RF tube amplifier to John that had been presumed lost over a decade earlier. Hutchison immediately began new experimentation, and during filming with well-known Canadian paranormal investigator Harold Berndt, was able to demonstrate several hundred pounds of equipment slam itself into an apartment wall with no apparent causal force. American Antigravity plans a return trip to attempt to capture the effect hopefully before the end of the year in 2007.

Recent Speculation
PhD Electrical Engineer James Corum co-authored a paper in 1981 with graduate-student Terry Keech where they analyzed how the metric tensor & gravity would be modified for a time-varying electric charge. The calculations that they derived & published suggest that a time-varying electric-charge can produce a 'gravitational repulsion' or negative gravitational-mass. Click Here

International Journal of Theoretical Physics (IJTP); Volume 20, 1981, pp. 63-68; Terry Keech and James Corum "New Derivation for the field of a time-varying charge in Einstein's Field-Theory".

Dr. George Hathaway and American Antigravity's Tim Ventura believe that the jellification effects demonstrated by Hutchison may come from a disruption of valence-electron binding by resonant RF interference.

Ventura has designed an experiment to potentially verify this theory by recording the Hutchison Effect on an active sample using a logging multimeter, and then re-apply the same complex RF signal to the same signal at a later time using a linear-amplifier to match the original amplitude. Thus, while the original effect requires a complex arrangement of RF and high-voltage equipment to produce, it may be reproduced with a very simplistic and well-understood apparatus, verifying that a specific resonant signal is what causes the effect, and not psychokinetic or other causal factors.

Another notable factor has come to light since 2005 that also may play an important role in explaining the effect. Hutchison notes that the jellification effect begins in the middle of his sample (lengthwise), at least in the of long aluminum, brass, and steel bars. This may indicate that the length of the sample plays a role in coupling the RF signal that creates the effect to a specific sample.

Contact Information
To get in touch with John Hutchison, please send him an email at:


CARET: The Chad/Raj UFO's explained? - Breaking News



[Document and photo scans @ bottom]
Explanation of the Recent "Strange Craft" Sightings Here is the breif introduction. I'm using the alias Isaac, and used to work in what was called the CARET program in the 80's. During my time there, I worked with a lot of the technology that is clearly at work in the recent drone/strange craft sightings, most notably the "language" and diagrams seen on the underside of each craft. What follows is a lengthy letter about who I am, what I know, and what these sightings are (probably) all about.The appearance of these photos has convinced me to release at least some of the numerous photographs and photocopied documents I still possess some 20 years later that can explain a great deal about these sightings. On this site you will find some of these. They are available as high resolution scans that I am giving away free, PROVIDED THEY ARE NOT MODIFIED IN ANY WAY AND ARE KEPT TOGETHER ALONG WITH THIS WRITTEN MATERIAL.I am also trying to get in touch with the witnesses so far, such as Chad, Rajman, Jenna, Ty, and the Lake Tahoe witness (especially Chad). I have advice for them that may be somewhat helpful in dealing with what they've seen and what I would recommend they do with what they know. If you are one of these witnesses, or can put me in touch with them, please contact Coast to Coast AM and let them know.

My Experience with the CARET Program and Extra-terrestrial TechnologyIsaac, June 2007This letter is part of a package I've assembled for Coast to Coast AM to distribute to its audience. It is a companion to numerous document and photo scans and should not be separated from them.You can call me Isaac, an alias I've chosen as a simple measure of protection while I release what would be called tremendously sensitive information even by todays standards. “Sensitive” is not necessarily synonymous with “dangerous”, though, which is why my conscience is clear as I offer this material up for the public. My government has its reasons for its continual secrecy, and I sympathize with many of them, but the truth is that I'm getting old and I'm not interested in meeting my maker one day with any more baggage than necessary! Furthermore, I put a little more faith in humanity than my former bosses do, and I think that a release of at least some of this info could help a lot more than it could hurt, especially in today's world.I should be clear before I begin, as a final note: I am not interested in making myself vulnerable to the consequences of betraying the trust of my superiors and will not divulge any personal information that could determine my identity. However my intent is not to deceive, so information that I think is too risky to share will be simply left out rather than obfuscated in some way (aside from my alias, which I freely admit is not my real name). I would estimate that with the information contained in this letter, I could be narrowed down to one of maybe 30-50 people at best, so I feel reasonably secure.Some Explanation for the Recent SightingsFor many years I've occasionally considered the release of at least some of the material I possess, but the recent wave of photos and sightings has prompted me to cut to the chase and do so now.I should first be clear that I'm not directly familiar with any of the crafts seen in the photos in their entirety. I've never seen them in a hangar or worked on them myself or seen aliens zipping around in them. However, I have worked with and seen many of the parts visible in these crafts, some of which can be seen in the Q3-85 Inventory Review scan found at the top of this page. More importantly though, I'm very familiar with the “language” on their undersides seen clearly in photos by Chad and Rajman, and in another form in the Big Basin photos.One question I can answer for sure is why they're suddenly here. These crafts have probably existed in their current form for decades, and I can say for sure that the technology behind them has existed for decades before that. The “language”, in fact, (I'll explain shortly why I keep putting that in quotes) was the subject of my work in years past. I'll cover that as well.The reason they're suddenly visible, however, is another matter entirely. These crafts, assuming they're anything like the hardware I worked with in the 80's (assuming they're better, in fact), are equipped with technology that enables invisibility. That ability can be controlled both on board the craft, and remotely. However, what's important in this case is that this invisibility can also be disrupted by other technology. Think of it like radar jamming. I would bet my life savings (since I know this has happened before) that these craft are becoming visible and then returning to invisibility arbitrarily, probably unintentionally, and undoubtedly for only short periods, due to the activity of a kind of disrupting technology being set off elsewhere, but nearby. I'm especially sure of this in the case of the Big Basin sightings, were the witnesses themselves reported seeing the craft just appear and disappear. This is especially likely because of the way the witness described one of the appearances being only a momentary flicker, which is consistent with the unintentional, intermittent triggering of such a device.It's no surprise that these sightings are all taking place in California, and especially the Saratoga/South Bay area. Not far from Saratoga is Mountain View/Sunnyvale, home to Moffett Field and the NASA Ames Research center. Again, I'd be willing to bet just about anything that the device capable of hijacking the cloaking of these nearby craft was inadvertently triggered, probably during some kind of experiment, at the exact moment they were being seen. Miles away, in Big Basin, the witnesses were in the right place at the right time and saw the results of this disruption with their own eyes. God knows what else was suddenly appearing in the skies at that moment, and who else may have seen it. I've had some direct contact with this device, or at least a device capable of the same thing, and this kind of mistake is not unprecedented. I am personally aware of at least one other incident in which this kind of technology was accidentally set off, resulting in the sudden visibility of normally invisible things. The only difference is that these days, cameras are a lot more common!The technology itself isn't ours, or at least it wasn't in the 80's. Much like the technology in these crafts themselves, the device capable of remotely hijacking a vehicle's clacking comes from a non-human source too. Why we were given this technology has never been clear to me, but it's responsible for a lot. Our having access to this kind of device, along with our occasionally haphazard experimentation on them, has lead to everything from cloaking malfunctions like this to full-blown crashes. I can assure you that most (and in my opinion all) incidents of UFO crashes or that kind of thing had more to do with our meddling with extremely powerful technology at an inopportune time than it did mechanical failure on their part. Trust me, those things don't fail unless something even more powerful than them makes them fail (intentionally or not). Think of it like a stray bullet. You can be hit by one at any time, without warning, and even the shooter didn't intent to hit you. I can assure you heads are rolling over this as well. If anyone notices a brilliant but sloppy physicist patrolling the streets of Baghdad in the next couple weeks, I'd be willing to guess how he got there. (I kid, of course, as I certainly hope that hasn't actually happened in this case)I'd now like to explain how it is that I know this.The CARET ProgramMy story begins the same as it did for many of my co workers, with graduate and post-graduate work at university in electrical engineering. And I had always been interested in computer science, which was a very new field at the time, and my interest piqued with my first exposure to a Tixo during grad school. In the years following school I took a scenic route through the tech industry and worked for the kinds of companies you would expect, until I was offered a job at the Department of Defense and things took a very different turn.My time at the DoD was mostly uneventful but I was there for quite a while. I apparently proved myself to be reasonably intelligent and loyal. By 1984 these qualities along with my technical background made me a likely candidate for a new program they were recruiting for called “CARET”.Before I explain what CARET was I should back up a little. By 1984, Silicon Valley had been a juggernaut of technology for decades. In the less than 40 years since the appearance of Shockley’s transistor this part of the world had already produced a multi billion dollar computer industry and made technological strides that were unprecedented in other fields, from hypertext and online collaboration in '68 to the Alto in '73.Private industry in Silicon Valley was responsible for some of the most incredible technological leaps in history and this fact did not go unnoticed by the US government and military. I don’t claim to have any special knowledge about Roswell or any of the other alleged early UFO events, but I do know that whatever the exact origin, the military was hard at work trying to understand and use the extra-terrestrial artifacts it had in its possession. While there had been a great deal of progress overall, things were not moving as quickly as some would have liked. So, in 1984, the CARET program was created with the aim of harnessing the abilities of private industry in silicon valley and applying it to the ongoing task of understanding extra-terrestrial technology.One of the best examples of the power of the tech sector was Xerox PARC, a research center in Palo Alto, CA. XPARC was responsible for some of the major milestones in the history of computing. While I never had the privilege of working there myself I did know many of the people who did and I can say that they were among the brightest engineers I ever knew.XPARC served as one of the models for the CARET program’s first incarnation, a facility called the Palo Alto CARET Laboratory (PACL, lovingly pronounced “packle” during my time there). This was where I worked, along with numerous other civilians, under the auspices of military brass who were eager to find out how the tech sector made so much progress so quickly. My time at the DoD was a major factor behind why I was chosen, and in fact about 30+ others who were hired around the same time had also been at the Department about as long, but this was not the case for everyone. A couple of my co-workers were plucked right from places like IBM and, at least two of them came from XPARC itself. My DoD experience did make me more eligable for positions of management, however, which is how I have so much of this material in my possession to begin with.So in other words, civilians like myself who had at--at most--some decent experience working for the DoD but no actual military training or involvement, were suddenly finding ourselves in the same room as highly classified extra-terrestrial technology. Of course they spent about 2 months briefing us all before we saw or did anything, and did their best to convince us that if we ever leaked a single detail about what we were being told, they’d do everything short of digging up our ancestors and putting a few slugs in them too just for good measure. It seemed like there was an armed guard in every corner of every room. I’d worked under some pretty hefty NDAs in my time but this was so far out of my depth I didn’t think I was going to last 2 weeks in an environment like that. But amazingly things got off to a good start. They wanted us, plain and simple, and our industry had shown itself to be so good at what it did that they were just about ready to give us carte blanche.Of course, nothing with the military is ever that simple, and as is often the case they wanted to have their cake and eat it too. What I mean by this is that despite their interest in picking our brains and learning whatever they could from our way of doing things, they still wanted to do it their way often enough to frustrate us.At this point I'm going to gloss over the emotional side of this experience, because this letter isn't intended to be a memoir, but I will say that there's almost no way to describe the impact this kind of revelation has on your mind. There are very few moments in life in which your entire world view is turned forever upside down, but this was one of them. I still remember that turning point during the briefing when I realized what he'd just told us, and that I hadn't heard him wrong, and that it wasn't some kind of joke. In retrospect the whole thing feels like it was in slow motion, from that slight pause he took just before the term “extra-terrestrial” came out for the first time, to the way the room itself seemed to go off kilter as we collectively tried to grasp what was being said. My reflex kept jumping back and forth between trying to look at the speaker, to understand him better, and looking at everyone else around me, to make sure I wasn't the only one that was hearing this. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, it's a lot like a child learning his parents are divorcing. I never experienced that myself, but a very close friend of mine did when were boys, and he confided in me a great deal about what the experience felt like. A lot of what he said would aptly describe what I was feeling in that room. Here was a trusted authority figure telling you something that you just don't feel ready for, and putting a burden on your mind that you don't necessarily want to carry. The moment that first word comes out, all you can think about it is what it was like only seconds ago, and knowing that life is never going to be as simple as it was then. After all that time at the DoD, I thought I at least had some idea of what was going on in the world, but I'd never heard so much as a peep about this. Maybe one day I'll write more on this aspect, because it's the kind of thing I really would like to get off my chest, but for now I'll digress.Unlike traditional research in this area, we weren’t working on new toys for the air force. For numerous reasons, the CARET people decided to aim its efforts at commercial applications rather than military ones. They basically wanted us to turn these artifacts into something they could patent and sell. One of CARET’s most appealing promises was the revenue generated by these product-ready technologies, which could be funneled right back into black projects. Working with a commercial application in mind was also yet another way to keep us in a familiar mind state. Developing technology for the military is very different than doing so for the commercial sector, and not having to worry about the difference was another way that CARET was very much like private industry.CARET shined in the way it let us work the way we were used to working. They wanted to recreate as much of the environment we were used to as they could without compromising issues like security. That meant we got free reign to set up our own workflow, internal management structure, style manuals, documentation, and the like. They wanted this to look and feel like private industry, not the military. They knew that was how to get the best work out of us, and they were right.But things didn’t go as smoothly when it came to matters like access to classified information. They were exposing what is probably their single biggest secret to a group of people who had never even been through basic training and it was obvious that the gravity of this decision was never far from their minds. We started the program with a small set of extra-terrestrial artifacts along with fairly elaborate briefings on each as well as access to a modest amount of what research had already been completed. It wasn’t long before we realized we needed more though, and getting them to provide even the smallest amount of new material was like pulling teeth. CARET stood for “Commercial Applications Research for Extra-terrestrial Technology”, but we often joked that it should have stood for “Civilians Are Rarely Ever Trusted.”PACL was located in Palo Alto, but unlike XPARC, it wasn’t at the end of a long road in the middle of a big complex surrounded by rolling hills and trees. PACL was hidden in an office complex owned entirely by the military but made to look like an unassuming tech company. From the street, all you could see was what appeared to be a normal parking lot with a gate and a guard booth, and a 1-story building inside with a fictitious name and logo. What wasn’t visible from the street was that behind the very first set of doors was enough armed guards to invade Poland, and 5 additional underground stories. They wanted to be as close as possible to the kinds of people they were looking to hire and be able to bring them in with a minimum of fuss.Inside, we had everything we needed. State of the art hardware and a staff of over 200 computer scientists, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, physicists and mathematicians. Most of us were civilians, as I’ve said, but some were military, and a few of them had been working on this technology already. Of course, you were never far from the barrel of a machine gun, even inside the labs themselves (something many of us never got used to), and bi-weekly tours were made by military brass to ensure that not a single detail was out of line. Most of us underwent extensive searches on our way into and out of the building. There it was, probably the biggest secret in the world, in a bunch of parts spread out on laboratory tables in the middle of Palo Alto so you can imagine their concern.One downside to CARET was that it wasn't as well-connected as other operations undoubtedly were. I never got to see any actual extra-terrestrials (not even photos), and in fact never even saw one of their compete vehicles. 99% of what I saw was related to the work at hand, all of which was conducted within a very narrow context on individual artifacts only. The remaining 1% came from people I met through the program, many of which working more closely with “the good stuff” or had in the past.In fact, what was especially amusing about the whole affair was the way that our military management almost tried to act as if the technology we were essentially reverse engineering wasn't extra-terrestrial at all. Aside from the word “extra-terrestrial” itself, we rarely heard any other terms like “alien” or “UFO” or “outer space” or anything. Those aspects were only mentioned briefly when absolutely necessary to explain something. In many cases it was necessary to differentiate between the different races and their respective technology, and they didn't even use the word “races”. They were referred to simply as different “sources”.The TechnologyA lot of the technology we worked on was what you would expect, namely antigravity. Most of the researchers on the staff with backgrounds in propulsion and rocketry were military men, but the technology we were dealing with was so out of this world that it didn’t really matter all that much what your background was because none of it applied. All we could hope to do was use the vocabulary of our respective fields as a way to model the extremely bizarre new concepts we were very slowly beginning to understand as best we could. A rocket engineer doesn’t usually rub elbows much with a computer scientist, but inside PACL, we were all equally mystified and were ready to entertain any and all ideas.The physicists made the most headway initially because out of all of our skills, theirs overlapped the most with the concepts behind this technology (although that isn’t saying much!) Once they got the ball rolling though, we began to find that many of the concepts found in computer science were applicable as well, albeit in very vague ways. While I didn’t do a lot of work with the antigrav hardware myself, I was occasionally involved in the assessment of how that technology was meant to interface with its user.The antigrav was amazing, of course, as were the advances we were making with materials engineering and so on. But what interested me most then, and still amazes me most to this day, was something completely unrelated. In fact, it was this technology that immediately jumped out at me when I saw the Chad and Rajman photos, and even moreso in the Big Basin photos.The “Language”I put the word Language in quotes because calling what I am about to describe a “language” is a misnomer, although it is an easy mistake to make.Their hardware wasn’t operated in quite the same way as ours. In our technology, even today, we have a combination of hardware and software running almost everything on the planet. Software is more abstract than hardware, but ultimately it needs hardware to run it. In other words, there’s no way to write a computer program on a piece of paper, set that piece of paper on a table or something, and expect it to actually do something. The most powerful code in the world still doesn’t actually do anything until a piece of hardware interprets it and translates its commands into actions.But their technology is different. It really did operate like the magical piece of paper sitting on a table, in a manner of speaking. They had something akin to a language, that could quite literally execute itself, at least in the presence of a very specific type of field. The language, a term I am still using very loosely, is a system of symbols (which does admittedly very much resemble a written language) along with geometric forms and patterns that fit together to form diagrams that are themselves functional. Once they are drawn, so to speak, on a suitable surface made of a suitable material and in the presence of a certain type of field, they immediately begin performing the desired tasks. It really did seem like magic to us, even after we began to understand the principles behind it.I worked with these symbols more than anything during my time at PACL, and recognized them the moment I saw them in the photos. They appear in a very simple form on Chad’s craft, but appear in the more complex diagram form on the underside of the Big Basin craft as well. Both are unmistakable, even at the small size of the Big Basin photos. An example of a diagram in the style of the Big Basin craft is included with this in a series of scanned pages from the [mistitled] "Linguistic Analysis Primer". We needed a copy of that diagram to be utterly precise, and it took about a month for a team of six to copy that diagram into our drafting program!Explaining everything I learned about this technology would fill up several volumes, but I will do my best to explain at least some of the concepts as long as I am taking the time to write all this down.First of all, you wouldn't open up their hardware to find a CPU here, and a data bus there, and some kind of memory over there. Their hardware appeared to be perfectly solid and consistent in terms of material from one side to the other. Like a rock or a hunk of metal. But upon [much] closer inspection, we began to learn that it was actually one big holographic computational substrate - each "computational element" (essentially individual particles) can function independently, but are designed to function together in tremendously large clusters. I say its holographic because you can divide it up into the smallest chunks you want and still find a scaled-down but complete representation of the whole system. They produce a nonlinear computational output when grouped. So 4 elements working together is actually more than 4 times more powerful than 1. Most of the internal "matter" in their crafts (usually everything but the outermost housing) is actually this substrate and can contribute to computation at any time and in any state. The shape of these "chunks" of substrate also had a profound effect on its functionality, and often served as a "shortcut" to achieve a goal that might otherwise be more complex.So back to the language. The language is actually a "functional blueprint". The forms of the shapes, symbols and arrangements thereof is itself functional. What makes it all especially difficult to grasp is that every element of each "diagram" is dependant on and related to every other element, which means no single detail can be created, removed or modified independently. Humans like written language because each element of the language can be understood on its own, and from this, complex expressions can be built. However, their "language" is entirely context-sensitive, which means that a given symbol could mean as little as a 1-bit flag in one context, or, quite literally, contain the entire human genome or a galaxy star map in another. The ability for a single, small symbol to contain, not just represent, tremendous amounts of data is another counter-intuitive aspect of this concept. We quickly realized that even working in groups of 10 or more on the simplest of diagrams, we found it virtually impossible to get anything done. As each new feature was added, the complexity of the diagram exponentially grew to unmanageable proportions. For this reason we began to develop computer-based systems to manage these details and achieved some success, although again we found that a threshold was quickly reached beyond which even the supercomputers of the day were unable to keep up. Word was that the extra-terrestrials could design these diagrams as quickly and easily as a human programmer could write a Fortran program. It's humbling to think that even a network of supercomputers wasn't able to duplicate what they could do in their own heads. Our entire system of language is based on the idea of assigning meaning to symbols. Their technology, however, somehow merges the symbol and the meaning, so a subjective audience is not needed. You can put whatever meaning you want on the symbols, but their behavior and functionality will not change, any more than a transistor will function differently if you give it another name.Here's an example of how complex the process is. Imagine I ask you to incrementally add random words to a list such that no two words use any of the same letters, and you must perform this exercise entirely in your head, so you can't rely on a computer or even a pen and paper. If the first in the list was, say, "fox", the second item excludes all words with the letters F, O and X. If the next word you choose is "tree", then the third word in the list can't have the letters F, O, X, T, R, or E in it. As you can imagine, coming up with even a third word might start to get just a bit tricky, especially since you can't easily visualize the excluded letters by writing down the words. By the time you get to the fourth, fifth and sixth words, the problem has spiraled out of control. Now imagine trying to add the billionth word to the list (imagine also that we're working with an infinite alphabet so you don't run out of letters) and you can imagine how difficult it is for even a computer to keep up. Needless to say, writing this kind of thing "by hand" is orders of magnitude beyond the capabilities of the brain.My background lent itself well to this kind of work though. I'd spent years writing code and designing both analog and digital circuits, a process that at least visually resembled these diagrams in some way. I also had a personal affinity for combinatorics, which served me well as I helped with the design of software running on supercomputers that could juggle the often trillions of rules necessary to create a valid diagram of any reasonable complexity. This overlapped quite a bit with compiler theory as well, a subject I always found fascinating, and in particular compiler optimization, a field that wasn't half of what it is today back then. A running joke among the linguistics team was that Big-O notation couldn't adequately describe the scale of the task, so we'd substitute other words for "big". By the time I left I remember the consensus was "Astronomical-O" finally did it justice.Like I said, I could go on for hours about this subject, and would love to write at least an introductory book on the subject if it wasn't still completely classified, but that's not the point of this letter so I'll try to get back on track.The last thing I'd like to discuss is how I got copies of this material, what else I have in my possession, and what I plan to do with it in the future.My CollectionI worked at PACL from 1984 to 1987, by which time I was utterly burned out. The sheer volume of details to keep in mind while working with the diagrams was enough to challenge anyone's sanity, and I was really at the end of my rope with the military's attitude towards our “need to know”. Our ability to get work done was constantly hampered by their reluctance to provide us with the necessary information, and I was tired of bureaucracy getting in the way of research and development. I left somewhere in the middle of a 3-month bell curve in which about a quarter of the entire PACL staff left for similar reasons.I was also starting to disagree with the direction the leadership wanted to take as far as the subject of extra-terrestrials went. I always felt that at least some form of disclosure would be beneficial, but as a lowly CARET engineer I wasn't exactly in the position to call shots. The truth is, our management didn't even want us discussing non-technical aspects of this subject (such as ethical or philosophical issues), even among ourselves, as they felt it was enough of a breach of security to let civilians like us anywhere near this kind of thing in the first place.So, about 3 months before I resigned (which was about 8 months before I was really out, since you don't just walk out of a job like that with a 2 week notice). I decided to start taking advantage of my position. As I mentioned earlier, my DoD experience got me into an internal management role sooner than some of my colleagues, and after about a year of that kind of status, the outgoing searches each night became slightly less rigorous. Normally, we were to empty out any containers, bags or briefcases, then remove our shirt and shoes and submit to a kind of frisking. Work was never allowed to go home with you, no matter who you were. For me, though, the briefcase search was eventually enough.Even before I actually decided to do it, I was sure that I would be able to sneak certain materials out with me. I wanted to do this because I knew the day would come when I would want to write something like this, and I knew I'd regret it until the day I died if I didn't at least leave the possibility open to do so. So I started photocopying documents and reports by the dozen. I'd then put the papers under my shirt around my lower back, tucked enough into my belt to ensure they wouldn't fall out. I could do this in any one of a few short, windowless hallways on some of the lower floors, which were among the few places that didn't have an armged guard watching my every move. I'd walk in one end with a stack of papers large enough that when I came out the other end with some of them in my shirt, there wouldn't be a visible difference in what I was holding. You absolutely cannot be too careful if you're going to pull a stunt like this. As long as I walked carefully they wouldn't make a crinkling noise. In fact, the more papers I took, the less noise they made, since they weren't as flimsy that way. I'd often take upwards of 10-20 pages at once. By the time I was done, I'd made out with hundreds of photocopies, as well as a few originals and a large collection of original photographs.With this initial letter I have attached high resolution scans of the following:

A page from an inventory review with a photo that appears to depict one of the parts found in the Rajman sighting and parts very similar to the Big Basin craft
The first 9 pages of one of our quarterly research reports
Scans of the original photographs used in that report, since the photocopies obscure most of the details
5 pages from a report on our ongoing analysis of the “language” (inappropriately titled “linguistic analysis”), depicting the kind of diagram just barely visible on the underside of the Big Basin craft
This material is the most relevant and explanatory I could find on short notice. Now that these are up, IF I decide to release more in the future, I'll be able to take my time and better search this rather large collection of mine that I've sadly never organized. I'm not sure what I'll be doing with the rest of the collection in the future. I suppose I'll wait and see how this all plays out, and then play it by ear. There are certainly risks involved in what I'm doing, and if I were to actually be identified and caught, there could be rather serious consequences. However, I've taken the proper steps to ensure a reasonable level of anonymity and am quite secure in the fact that the information I've so far provided is by no means unique among many of the CARET participants.Besides, part of me has always suspected that the government relies on the occasional leak like this, and actually wants them to happen, because it contributes to a steady, slow-paced path towards revealing the truth of this matter.Since Leaving CARETLike I said, I left PACL in '87, but have kept in touch with a great many of my friends and coworkers from those days. Most of us are retired by now, except of course for those of us that went on to get teaching jobs, but a few of us still hear things through the grapevine.As for CARET itself, I'm not sure what's become of it. Whether it's still known by the same name, I'm quite sure it's still active in some capacity, although who knows where. I heard from a number of people that PACL closed up shop a few years after I left, but I've still yet to get a clear answer on why exactly that happened. But I'm sure the kind of work we did there is still going strong. I've heard from a lot of friends that there are multiple sites like PACL in Sunnyvale and Mountain View, also disguised to look like unremarkable office space. But this is all second-hand information so you can make of it what you will.Around 2002 or so I came across Coast to Coast AM and have been hooked ever since. I admit, I don't take most of the show's content as anything more than entertainment, but there have been occasions when I could be sure a guest was clearly speaking from experience or a well-informed source. For me, there's just something very surreal about hearing all this speculation and so-called inside information about UFOs and the like, but being personally able to verify at least some of it as being true or false. It's also a nightly reminder of how hectic things were in those days, which helps me enjoy my retirement all the more. Knowing I'm not part of that crazy world anymore really is something I enjoy on a daily basis, as much as I miss some of it.ConclusionWhat I've shared so far is only a very small portion of what I have, and what I know. Despite the very sheltered and insulated atmosphere within CARET, I did ultimately learn a great deal from various colleagues, and some of what I learned is truly incredible. I'd also like to say that for what it's worth, during my time there I never heard anything about invasions, or abductions, or many of the more frightening topics that often pop up on Coast to Coast AM. That's not to say that none of it is true, but in my time working alongside some of the most well-connected people in this field, it never came up. So at the very least I can say my intent is not to scare anyone. My view on the extra-terrestrial situation is very much a positive, albiet still highly secretive one.One thing I can definitely say is that if they wanted us gone, we would have been gone a very, very long time ago, and we wouldn't even have seen it coming. Throw out your ideas about a space war or anything silly like that. We'd be capable of fighting back against them about as much as ants could fight back against a stampede of buffalo. But that's OK. We're the primitive race, they're the advanced races, and that's just the way it is. The other advanced races let them live through their primitive years back in their day, and there's no reason to think it will be any different for us. They aren't in the market for a new planet, and even if they were, there are way too many planets out there for them to care about ours enough to take it by force.To reiterate my take on the recent sightings, I'd guess that experimentation done in the last couple months on a device that, among other things, is capable of interfering with various crafts onboard invisibility has resulted in a sudden wave of sightings. It may not explain all of the recent events, but like I said, I'd bet my life that's exactly what happened at Big Basin at least, and it's probably related in some way to the Chad, Rajman and Tahoe sightings. So, despite all the recent fanfare over this, I'd say this doesn't mean much. Most importantly, they aren't suddenly “here”. They've been here for a long time, but just happened to turn unintentionally visible for brief periods recently.Lastly, there are so many people selling books, and DVDs, and doing lectures, and all that, that I would like to reiterate the fact that I am not here to sell anything. The material I'm sharing is free to distribute provided it's all kept intact and unmodified, and this letter is included. I tend to question the motives of anyone charging money for their information, and will assure you that I will never do such a thing. And in the future, just to cover all the bases, anyone claiming to be me who's selling a DVD or book is most certainly not going to be me.Any future releases from me will come from the email address I've used to contact Coast to Coast AM, and will be sent to them only. I'd like to make this clear as well to ensure that people can be sure that any future information comes from the same source, although I must be clear: at this time I do not have any future plans for additional information. Time will tell how long I will maintain this policy, but do not expect anything soon. I'd really like to let this information “settle” for a while and see how it goes. If I find out I'm getting an IRS audit tomorrow, then maybe this wasn't too smart. Until then, I'm going to take it slow. I hope this information has been helpful. ===

Document and Photo Scans

PACL Q3-85 Inventory Review p56 fullsize halfsize

PACL Q4-86 Report Photo 4.1

PACL Q4-86 Report Photo 4.2

PACL Q4-86 Report Photo 4.3

PACL Q4-86 Report Photo 4.4

PACL Linguistic Analysis Primer p119 fullsize halfsize

PACL Linguistic Analysis Primer p120 fullsize halfsize

PACL Linguistic Analysis Primer p121 fullsize halfsize

PACL Linguistic Analysis Primer p122 fullsize halfsize

PACL Linguistic Analysis Primer p123 fullsize halfsize

PACL Q4-86 Report Cover fullsize halfsize

PACL Q4-86 Report p2 fullsize halfsize

PACL Q4-86 Report p3 fullsize halfsize

PACL Q4-86 Report p4 fullsize halfsize

PACL Q4-86 Report p5 fullsize halfsize

PACL Q4-86 Report p6 fullsize halfsize

PACL Q4-86 Report p7 fullsize halfsize

PACL Q4-86 Report p8 fullsize halfsize

PACL Q4-86 Report p9 fullsize halfsize

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Now You See It, Now you Don’t

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It is almost impossible to examine this most bizarre phenomenon in isolation because it contains many elements common to a wide range of paranormal events. However, as we will soon see, quite apart from sharing many of the same parameters, when one examines the implications there might yet be a plausible answer in terms of particle physics. Curiously, the corroboration for these theories appears to come from sources not normally associated with science or scientific methodologies. Hopefully, some of the points raised in the course of this article may cause the reader to re-evaluate traditional ideas on certain aspects of mediumship and the paranormal in general. While it is not my intention to cause offence to anyone with religious sensibilities, given the nature of the subject I am forced to confront and question certain aspects of conventional religious doctrine where it runs contrary to the thrust of this article.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

The ‘apports’ phenomenon

In purely spiritualist terms, the term ‘apport’ is given to any object that appears spontaneously in the course of a séance. Normally, each apport should have specific meaning to one or more sitters at the séance and they are intended to demonstrate the reality of contact with the afterlife in a tangible manner. The objects are normally small, e.g. brooches, pebbles or buttons etc, but irrespective of what the objects may be, they manifest instantaneously in the séance room and appear to travel through solid matter to get there. In some instances they fall with a thud upon the floor or table, in others they appear to drift down as if virtually weightless, than gain weight quite quickly. In many cases they are warm, (up to 40 degrees Centigrade) to the touch, certainly much warmer than the normal ambient temperature of the séance room. If this phenomenon occurred in isolation it would be reasonable to assume it was solely an adjunct of spiritualist phenomena, but it does not, it has parallels right across the entire paranormal/UFO spectrum.

The Philadelphia Experiment

There are specific links between instances of poltergeist manifestations, metal bending, the hotly debated ‘Hutchison Effect’ and especially, alleged ‘teleportation’. Although each of these phenomena can be examined individually, eventually, investigation reveals to a greater or lesser degree inescapable similarities between them all. In the case of

poltergeist activity the apports tend to be thrown around with considerable violence while other objects move around quite gently. Loud noises and bangs also occur and in some cases voices are heard. Instances of metal bending usually involve the participation, voluntary or otherwise, of a human agency. Although there are claims of controlled experiments proving the reality of this phenomenon, there is still widespread scepticism about both it and those claiming the ability. Although there are high profile luminaries like Uri Geller who apparently demonstrate this ability at will, it should be remembered that he is

primarily a professional showman, conjuror and mentalist who makes his living performing such feats and this should always be born in mind.

While still on the subject of alleged teleportation, ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’ and what actually happened on August the 12th 1943 to the ‘USS Eldridge’ during wartime experiments to create radar invisibility have become mired in lies, myth, misinformation and just possibly somewhere in this confusion, a glimmer of truth. Did the ship suddenly become invisible at the Philadelphia naval yards and simultaneously appear at the navy yards at Norfolk, Virginia several thousand miles away? Other claims relating to this experiment made by survivors, Al Bielek and Carl Allen, (sometimes called Carlos Allende), suggest that some of the crewmen aboard the Eldridge had simply vanished upon its return, while others suffered from acute psychiatric problems in the aftermath and incredibly, some died after becoming fused into the steelwork of the ship. Despite a series of books and still ongoing speculation about the subject, there have been consistent denials issued by the US Government regarding both the ship and the alleged experiment. In spite of, and indeed perhaps because of the dogged, official refutations, as with similar incidents, Roswell and Rendlesham are two of the best known; the story simply will not go away. However, recent claims emerging from Canada indicate that perhaps the mythology surrounding The Philadelphia Experiment and its aftermath contains more than a grain of truth.

The Hutchison Effect

‘The Hutchison Effect’ is another area of research consistently met with absolute and steadfast denial by the US authorities, even when such information is requested under the US FOIA (Freedom of Information Act). This famous and contentious enigma involves an accidental discovery made by Canadian researcher John Hutchison indicating that anomalous magnetic fields can and do cause items to spontaneously levitate. Another bizarre manifestation of this effect containing more than a hint of The Philadelphia Experiment indicates that some apparently totally incompatible items like straw and steel became fused seamlessly into one another as though the molecular bonds cementing each item together suddenly became permeable and allowed them to merge. This curious effect is

supposedly attained using inter-modulated electromagnetic fields at domestic currents and voltages of, 110V A/C at 13amps. If this account is indeed accurate, then what type of result was actually obtained on the Eldridge using considerably higher voltages and currents? Claims involving teleportation, i.e. an object disappearing in one location and re appearing in another, are the closest to apports in absolute terms and both sets of phenomena should conform to the same physical laws. Although various research establishments throughout the world are allegedly currently undertaking experimentation in techniques involving

teleportation, as yet there are no reported major breakthroughs except for some success in transmitting subatomic particles.

This however does not mean that other, more tangible results have not been achieved and immediately classified as would befit the clandestine nature of the military/industrial complex. Hutchison contacted both the US Army and the Canadian Government to have them evaluate his discovery and they responded by sending a team from the LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory) based in Albuquerque in New Mexico. The team arrived, made videotapes, took measurements and readings then left, and when Hutchison later attempted to obtain copy of the report under the US Freedom of Information Act, he was told by the US Army that the information was classified and the Canadian Government informed him it was ‘Not in the interests of national security’. This leads one to speculate that perhaps official attempts to replicate and reproduce at will what occurred to the USS Eldridge were not a complete success and perhaps Hutchison had inadvertently stumbled on one of the keys to unlocking the mystery of deliberate and controlled teleportation. In fact it later emerged during a lengthy correspondence, once again under the US FOIA,

relating to Hutchison’s claims between me and the US Army Intelligence Dept at Ft. Meade in Maryland USA, that they had unaccountably ‘lost’ the report, as indeed had the LANL. It also transpired that unknown to Hutchison an electrical engineer named George Hathaway who had assisted him over a considerable period was indirectly working for and paid by, US Army intelligence. This news took Hutchison completely by surprise because he had

trusted Hathaway implicitly. My enquiries also revealed that another ‘friend’ of Hutchison’s, John Anderson, who, at the time was supposedly assisting him through the jungle of red tape encountered in dealing with governmental departments was eventually exposed as a serving US army intelligence officer.

Into the Quantum World

As with apports, all the examples already mentioned involve, whether involuntarily or otherwise, the manipulation of electrical fields and sub atomic particles. The heating effect noticed in apports is an obvious sign that the atoms comprising the individual object have been excited to a high level and therefore heated prior to and during the process of transportation. It is therefore apparently necessary that each apport be broken down into its component particles in order to pass through solid walls on its way to the séance room. We should however bear in mind that metal heats in the presence of strong EM fields, a fact that is regularly exploited in industry. There is another possibility here though, is it also conceivable that rather than breaking the apport down, the frequency of the apport is altered allowing it to pass right through objects existing at different frequency? Since we and everything around us is composed of particles existing at a particular frequency, then for us they are solid and real. However, once the frequency of any given item be it animate or inanimate is altered to another state, then that object effectively becomes invisible and probably permeable. The best analogy is the use of ‘carrier waves’ in communications and radio propagation, where, once a base frequency is established, then it become possible to lock other harmonic signals e.g. ‘side bands’ to the base frequency (hence the term carrier). Is it then feasible that just as radio and television waves can penetrate the walls of a house, then material items can be broken down in terms of frequency and transmitted from one location to another, irrespective of whether one location exists in our physical plain or not. Another factor to take into account is that by rendering any object into its component particles it has to be reassembled in the same manner and more importantly in the correct order, so in effect the device used to dismantle the object has to retain the structure of that object in its ‘memory’ in order to correctly reassemble it elsewhere.

The Spiritual Dimension

Whatever the physical mechanism behind it, if the apports phenomenon is being driven by non-corporeal entities then what possible type of technology is used here, one thing is certain, Isaac Newton’s traditional laws of physics cannot apply here. Mediums and psychics appear to accept this phenomenon as a matter of course without considering its

implications, for this factor more than anything else shows clear similarities with the manner in which UFO’s seem to appear instantaneously and disappear in an identical manner. It also shares the same attributes observed during alleged abduction scenarios when the abductor is able to enter rooms directly through the walls and the abductee is floated out through closed windows and walls into a waiting spacecraft. Once again, solid objects present no obvious barrier to either the abductors or their victims. In addition, this is of course an attribute associated with ghosts and apparitions.

A five-year- long series of experiments conducted by the Scole Group near Diss in Norfolk, England may help explain what is happening here. During this time, the group with the aid of their ‘spirit team’ were able to conduct several controlled and witnessed exercises in creating pictures and text on Polaroid and

conventional film. A series of interesting and intriguing videotapes were made, voice communication occurred and several apports were received. According to the records of the Scole Group, the ‘spirit team’ consists of discarnate intelligences and scientists who have died in this reality and moved on to another energy state. The desire to continue in their chosen discipline does not necessarily vanish because the host body dies, therefore they were apparently able to assist in the design of a device allowing direct voice communication with them, this proved to be a species of crystal set. It should be stressed here that once consciousness is set free from the body it still possesses free will, and the spirit team assisting the Scole Group did so entirely by choice. Another rather more worrying point to emerge from the project was not only the realisation that we are surrounded by a series of additional dimensions, but that each contains entities, many of whom can move freely between them and some of them are openly hostile towards us. This discovery appears to corroborate a recent conclusion from quantum physics stating that in order for

‘string theory’ to function there has to be a series of additional dimensions. It also serves to give credence to another, more fundamental aspect of particle physics saying that sub-atomic particles can exist in more than one state at any given time, in other words they may exist simultaneously in more than one location and not necessarily in this reality. Furthermore, it also strongly suggests that the entities from these alternate realities may be the occupants of the UFO’s we occasionally encounter here on earth.

However, does this indicate that those on the ‘other side’ who wish to give a personal token to the living in the form of an apport, are able to manipulate matter at will? Is it conceivable that once freed from our bodies and returned to

pure energy states, we all have the ability to manipulate subjective reality by

using an utterly new type of non-physical technology? If this is the case, then a profound understanding of the theory and practical applications of particle physics is necessary, or perhaps the same physical and non-physical laws simply do not apply. However, there is yet other aspects of this enigma and these are the claims made over the centuries for the miracles allegedly performed by a series of holy men and women; the Christian saints. Some of the claims made on behalf of these remarkable people are simply incredible, particularly those of spontaneous levitation and bi-location. These claims highlight the fact that if genuine, then the ability to bypass the laws of physics is far from new, although it still gives no clues regarding how it is achieved other than an vague, obsessive desire to please and appease ‘God’ and depending on the nature of ‘God’, perhaps part of the answer lies here.

Perhaps what we see here is clear evidence that God is not sentient in any meaningful sense and perhaps what mankind has worshipped for millennia is in fact an all pervasive energy field that can be contacted at an unconscious level and converted into usable energy; in effect the real power of prayer. It is often said that illnesses and disasters have been alternately cured, avoided or averted by the use of prayer, but always at the whim of God. Is it possible that what is achieved has nothing to do with a third party and purely by an act of will? Following on from this, is it likely that those holy people who were bodily lifted from the ground or appeared simultaneously in two or more places had unwittingly tapped into a source of spiritual energy and were using it in a reflexive and uncontrolled manner?

From what we have seen, there is an obvious need to examine the current state of science and technology but there is an equally pressing need to study spiritual development, belief and the enhancement of consciousness, for until we can confront our own fears and superstition it is doubtful that we will ever fully understand the nature of the power around us.

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