Tuesday, June 5, 2007

fox show and discovery a big success

Hi Rob,

I received a rather interesting email in my egroup a little while ago concerning our meeting tomorrow night. It goes something like this:
"... I would love to be a fly on the wall with a tape recorder! ..."

From my perspective, where do we go from here? What will be the next step?

This meeting is by no means an accident - things like this just don't happen by chance - the odds of US coming together like this are too astronomical. One could say the stars are properly aligned to take this next step, though I tend towards a "higher power" is at work here.

The Ranch Consortium is about taking that next step. And Arizona is the place. This is the focal point. This is where its ALL coming together.


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Hi Bill,

I was just at John's apt/laboratory with a camera crew for new TV
series i'm co-producing and hosting. We shot for over
7 hours, in High Def, and captured some extraordinary

You may ask about the HGH bottle that
floated in the air for the better part of 20 min.
It was constant and controlled.....stunning...:)

It seemed to have 'over-driven' some of the components,
I'm not sure if that is a common problem...

Rob Simone


William Alek wrote:
Hello all,

Tomorrow night, I'll be having dinner with the legend, John Hutchison, Terry
Brady and Steve Elswick of Tesla Tech, and Gary Voss of TAP-TEN research. If
anyone has any questions they would like to ask of the group, please send me
an email?



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