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Hutchison Physics: Terry Keech & James Corum
By Tim Ventura | Published 08/4/2005 | Research | Rating:

Tim Ventura
Wired calls him "The Linus Torvalds of Antigravity", but NASA still won't return his calls. Since the birth of American Antigravity in 2002, Tim has been featured on a multitude of television networks, such as Nippon TV and the BBC, as well as extensively covered in print by sources as diverse as Wired Magazine and Jane's Defense Weekly.

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Overview: Dr. James F. Corum co-authored a paper in 1981 with graduate-student Terry Keech where they analyzed how the metric tensor & gravity would be modified for a time-varying electric charge. The calculations that they derived & published suggest that a time-varying electric-charge can produce a 'gravitational repulsion' or negative gravitational-mass.

It starts with the Nordstrom Metric, which Corum indicates was derived in 1918 and states the following: "The point-mass with charge modifies the metric-tensor for space and the gravitational field of the charge". (an electron or proton modifies gravity slightly around itself). An field of alternating polarity, such as the one from an AC current, can produce a negative gravitational field as a consequence of this theory, which originally was only designed to measure a static-field's interaction with the metric-tensor for space. The possibility for Tesla-related equipment to create Antigravity effects becomes a reality in this model.

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