Friday, February 2, 2007

hutchisoneffect high voltage wire testing

high voltage wire line corona as seen on this no 32 guage wire above the toy saucer pictured is the ion cannon as i call it as well as mary ann who filmed this 2002 mary ann sitting proud of all this wanted to call it the suchard effect as its now will be called this exsperient confirms the pulsateing high voltage dc every time the dc built up to 20 000 the toy ufo would flip as well as the electrmeter measuring the electrostatic units note also the tiny dome of the ufo as seen corona again eventualy the wire broke and we where lucky as it was on a negative 200 gram fxr high voltage test unit takeup spool set to anything from one gram to a kilogram used in simulations of wire under loads in wind storms metal fatigue at insulators mary ann carried on many othere interesting tests a lady i wanted to marry unfortunatly got involved in drugs her great uncle was human rights commisioner for canada i should say uncle in law a brilliant lady who also did accoustic levitation as seen in film the race to zero point and also was to star in www.gryphonproductions beyond invention but drugs made her do funny things other machines is a 1992 bamfeild creek telegraph system 1900 time periods

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demitrian21 said...

Let me guess. You are useing electromagnetic resonance to levitate objects. Am I wrong? If so, how is it done?