Thursday, May 24, 2007


Now we come to the actual footage filmed by scientist of their tests under Hutchison's experiments. Numerous objects are placed on a table with 2 adjacent Tesla coils. John turns on the coils to see how these coils effect the objects.

A Scientest inspects the objects after the anti-gravity machine is turned off. Spoon levitates and bends like a feather in the wind

Day 1: The objects are: Radio, Brass rod, ring, cardboard container with unknown object, calculator, plastic object, aluminum plate, compass, various metal plates and rods, titanium, various magnets, brass cylinder, heavy iron, stainless steel, tin foil. Some objects do move and try to levitate.

Day 2: Added rubber tube and chrome ring and other objects to see things move.

This is the uncut full experimental video footage from Aug 13/1985. Actual see the effects of Tesla coils. As the tape roles on, the Tesla coils actual start to effect the video camera and cause distortions when certain frequencies are hit.

The Mystery of Electricty!

The actual Experiments are rather boring - staring at the same objects in anticipation of them moving. But some objects actual do move and try to levitate, but for a die hard Anti-Gravity buff this is great stuff!. This is some of the actual footage that made John Hutchison famous. Very rare and virtually unobtainable footage.

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guadalupejoe said...

great stuff... and it looks so very simple... Tesla was a genius in the Einstein mold.... thanks for sharing all this information with the world.... someday the gov't will have to acknowledge this technology... jt