Sunday, February 24, 2008

taken from notice

Eric Julien has been approached by a group of scientific experts, including Hal Puthoff (specialist of the ZPE and the scientific remote viewing in USA for the NSA and SRI), John Hutchison (the Hutchison effect of levitation), Elizabeth Rauscher (top ten in physics in the world, author of a torsion theory), Mark Pesses (chief scientist of the SAIC in Washington), Jim Marrs (author of Alien Agenda) and a bunch of other NASA, aeronautics and rocket scientists, to participate in a scientific project linked with the CIA Deputy Director "Science & Technologies" Ronald Pandolfi in late 2006 after the publishing of The Science of Extraterrestrials. Their project managed by Gordon Novel is the secret RAM (Replication Alien Machine) Project based on information coming from the area 51. WWW.WPFW.ORG HTTP://WWW.971FREEFM.COM/ HTTP://SATINVERSE.BLOGSPOT.COM WWW.CFRB.COM WWW.GRYPHONPRODUCTIONS.COM, P.W.H., J.K.H

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